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Evike.com sucks


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So last week i need a WE M4 CO2 kit and the only palce in the world that has it in stock is Evike.com, I needed some other stuff and Evike.com had thise items, I order and pay with paypal, I live in Denmark so shipping is not included, Evike.com then askes for shipping the next day and I pay that, THEN some stuff is not in stock, I write about how long restocking will take, no reply, I aks for a refund, no relay, I start a paypal dispute, no reply.


What a *suitcasey* company.

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Well maybe Evike don't suck that much.


It sucks that they don't respond to email, I don't think I would have writen here if I had just gotten a responsto my emails.


Anyway, Evike got my stuff in stock and shipped it in a timely manner, then SHTF and Post danmark returned the parcel, they wont handel guns or gun related items (*albatrosses*), and then Evike did the decent thing and refunded the full amount to me, I lost 60 $ shipping but in the end the only thing Evike did wrong was failing to respond to emails.

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