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Well, I like the idea of this thread. I know the old one got out of hand though. Too many people nowadays with silly expensive optics, they can just bolt to a Bar10, and similar things. So I'd like to go ahead an impose a simple rule.


If you can justify the amount you've spent on you gun, don't post it in here. I want to see gun's that have had unnecessary amounts of money splurged on them, for a marginal improvement in performance or ergonomics, or hey, just for plain good looks. But please, don't let one item account for more than 50% of the money spent on the entire gun. So no Desert Eagles with Trigicon sights on top.


Here's my M700. Real M700 wood stock, G&G barrel, 2Roy hop kit, PDI barrel and G&G valve and hammer bits. £15 ACM scope :P.





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Oof, I didn't know this thread existed. Everyone glance at the absolute catastrophe that is my purchasing decisions. First up: Inokatsu P226R. P226-02 upgrade kit, with steel trigger, hamme

Second: GHK AUG A2 (OD). Hephaestus 16" steel outer barrel, cut down to the front of the gas block and threaded 14mm CCW and steel valve knocker. Best Gun steel A1 18" barrel extension an

Third: KSC Mk.23 SOCOM System 7. Mafioso Airsoft steel slide and outer barrel. Volante Airsoft ‘Aurora’ high-volume BBU with CNC. This has a steel housing and aluminium nozzle, both CNC-m

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I dunno.. i think the total i've spent on one gun is more like around $800.. there is nothing really left to buy once you get to that point. expect a RS optic maybe.


unless its a PTW, which may be worth the extra $400 just for the sake of reliability. but then you get to be pushing $2k with RS RIS, stocks, VFGs, rail covers, optics, etc.. PTWs change the game a lot. plus the cylinders and mags.. so i dont know. just not worth it with how quickly i can get the box out and fix stuff. you can strip a piston and be slapping mags back in before 20min, granted you prep it before hand for installation.

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Can I make a $4K club?




*Prime Troy Receiver

*Prime Noveske 7.5" Outer Barrel

*Prime Barrel Extension

*Prime Gen II Hopup Chamber

*RATech Hopup Bucking

*RATech 190mm Precision Inner Barrel

*RATech Prime Bolt Carrier

*RATech Aluminum Nozzle w/ N.P.A.S.

*RATech 5-Bearing Hammer

*RATech Bolt Stop

*Norgon/Prime Ambi Mag Catch

*Badger Tac Latch Gen II

*Madbull Noveske KX3

*Noveske "Surprise" Dust Cover

*Magpull UBR Stock

*Magpull MIAD Grip w/ CR123 core

*Magpull Rail Covers & Magpull's

*Troy MRF-C 7" Rail

*Troy Folding Battle Sight Front & Rear

*EoTech 553 Holo Sight

*SureFire M600C Scout Light




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I think both of these qualify, even without the C-more.


The SV is the one that hurts though....I think I went through 3 different frame and slide combo to arrive at that....so maybe the parts on it only worth about $1k at most, probably twice as much was spent on it in its life....

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I find it interesting to see how people decide to spend their money in terms of guns. Somebody on Arisoft-barracks wrote an article on custom guns and there was a mentioning of the term "checkbook custom." I like seeing both those types of guns and the ones where time and effort were spent in making something that is unique, or converting something that is not designed for airsoft to airsoft.



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Has a heavy bolt and slower rate of fire but blowback is clean and smooth. Velocity is set to 400 fps with a +/- 2 variation so it is very consistent. Overall I'm very pleased with how it turned out :)


Very cool, glad you found the right setup of internals and tuning to get a reliable and awesome WA M4.



1stShooter, your 18Cs with the laser grips are pretty sweet, they would look even sexier with ProG4 slides. Dual 18Cs are always fun!

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No offense to that last post, but I think this thread should be like a car dealer, where they have all this cool stuff, none of which you can afford. Things I think of in that circumstance is polished windows and tires etc. I'm kind of getting at that this should be high quality images, pictures of your "baby" which are reflected in not only the money you've spent on it, but the care you give it.

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sorry for the rather shoddy pic. but its a VFC 416, its a bit different now though. and no, its not in this thread because of some uber expensive optic. most of the money is inside the gun, with a bit on the outside.


ill try to get a better and more recent picture.


but a quick parts list of the externals:

VFC 416


G&G SOPMOD stock

Surefire 6P w/ R2 upgrade LED

King Arms full steel Noveske KX3

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A bit OT but there was a "1k club" thread here before the new subforum arrangement apperently it just got lost. I was actually thinking of posting this again myself.


Will post pics of my MRE PTW once i get the time to take some good photos etc. B)

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