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Oof, I didn't know this thread existed. Everyone glance at the absolute catastrophe that is my purchasing decisions. First up: Inokatsu P226R. P226-02 upgrade kit, with steel trigger, hamme

Second: GHK AUG A2 (OD). Hephaestus 16" steel outer barrel, cut down to the front of the gas block and threaded 14mm CCW and steel valve knocker. Best Gun steel A1 18" barrel extension an

Third: KSC Mk.23 SOCOM System 7. Mafioso Airsoft steel slide and outer barrel. Volante Airsoft ‘Aurora’ high-volume BBU with CNC. This has a steel housing and aluminium nozzle, both CNC-m

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my bad :P , well its a VFC hk416 so they would usually come front wired i have the same version as him. he is most likely using a li-po in the ris. or he has re-wired it to the rear and is using a stock tube battery.


you can get li-po's from ra-tech that fit in the ris itself they have a video on youtube showing you how, using a hk416 in the vid

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Noveske: Awesome HK416, are you putting the battery in the RIS and stock tube?



Li-Po in the buffer/stock tube. It is the original VFC 416 buffer/stock tube which the screw mount position was shortened in order to fit a lipo. Done way back when, before G&P & KA came out with Li-Po buffer/stock tubes.


Don't bother trying to mod the RIS to fit, it's way more trouble than it's worth on the VFCs, not to mention aesthetically displeasing.

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You should build a GBB SR-15 with RS KAC URX II, RS TTB and

a SR-15 lower with a working left side mag release and a working right side bolt release.


A RS TTB has a recommended retail of $437.50 and a URX II is about $500.


Good luck. :P


I already have a RS URX2 and what's a TTB? I don't believe anyone has released an SR-15 receiver set for the GBBRs yet, so I am a bit stuck there?

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Will do. All LMT? Or yet another Magpul hybrid? :P I'm not a big fan of the Crane stock and I'm thinking either a CTR or a VLTOR clubfoot/modstock. Suggestions?



well sir i think you have alot of magpul weapons why dont you try going origianal with the LMT, as cool as it would look with magpul goodies on the LMT its nice to keep things simple for a change :)

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You see, it doesent have to have rails or lots of parts to swap out for it to be customizable.


Exactly. So.... unless I encrust it in gold, how am I to qualify it for the $1k club? I suppose the next most customizable series would be the AK series. But then again, you could probably purchase a real AK for a lot less than $1k in most countires. Or then I could put a PVS-14 on it and then anything would qualify for the $1k club.. lol

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