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G&G FS51 base (+/- £300 GBP)

CA HK33 (+/- £230 GBP) ... just for the front end! :P

G3 Slider (+/- £40 GBP)


Can't be many airsoft G3KA4s around though. ;)

Very Nice


Have you thought about getting some King Arms H&K type G3 mags to finnish off the look?


P. :)

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My VSR m40a3 , fortress stock, vsr with full internal upgrade inc damper head and pdi 6.05







M14 DMR, tm m14 + g+p Dmr stock and upgraded internals, fitted with a big out hop nub and promy 6.03, optics are Ares m1 with butler creeks and wide type scope mounts.

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not much externally but internally its very very capable of shooting any spring i want.






JBU 4.75 in suppressor


G&G Steel hand guard cap


Jbu Single Rail gasblock.


Echo 1 m16a4 outer barrel


Echo 1 Machined aluminum rails/with covers


G&P seals body


TufForce 3-9x26 scope


Echo 1 Motor Grip


KA VN Mags


CA ACE skeleton stock


Battery bag










Prometheus 550mm 6.03tbb


Wire nub


G&p Chamber


Systema bucking


Systema Reinforced 7mm Mechbox shell


Systema Selector plate


Systema Shims


Systema Non ported Cylinder


Guarder Half tooth piston


Guarder infinite torque up gears


Guarder pinion


Guarder Sp150 spring


Guarder Cutoff Lever


CA low resistence wiring


Ca Low resistence trigger mech.


A&K air nozzle


Element Silent cylinder head.


A&K piston head (best compression I found)


SRC High Torque motor


Sanyo 1700mah 4/5sc 9.6v battery pack.


Ar latch/spring guide/tappet are E1


I plan on buying a new springuide/tappet/10.8large very soon. Future plans incude a 24in jp rifle kit.

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an eotech on an mg42. I like it :)


MG3 now, actually.

It's not that uncommon for real MG's nowadays either, seen lots of pics of railed MG's in Afghanistan. The Danes in particular have the rail mounted at the same spot as I do, but use an Aimpoint. The Germans (and many others) have rails mounted further forwards, in front of the rear sight (on top of the folded-down AA sight), and use either EOTechs or Aimpoints. :)

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It's an old picture but since somebody brought up EBRs, I thought it would be fair to post an old picture of mine:




TM M14 Wood

G&P Mk 14 Mod 0 Long Kit

G&P Mk 14 USN Front End

G&P M3 Scope

Butler Creek Flip Ups

Dboys Harris Bipod


Laundry List of Internals



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