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$1K is getting silly. Honestly - who doesn't have a gun for at least $1K?


Anywho, my latest build qualifies:









FCC Hk416 6061 T6 Hard anodized complete blaster

LMT Mil-spec buffertube & stock

CQD rear sling mount

Magpul MIAD-grepp thats gone be changed out to a Hogue

ARMS #40L rear BUIS

Eotech 552


Magpul AFG2

Surefire M720V Raid, FDE

Magpul rail ladders

KAC front BUIS

Surefire SR-D-IT Remote Dual Switch for Weaponlight + ATPIAL Laser Device

AAC 91T Flash hider*



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Something for the $3K Club




Iron Airsoft Parts: Larue Stealth Lower Receiver & 1003k WA Stain Hop Up Round

G&P WA Parts: M4 Commando Steel Outer Barrel, Assemble Steel Parts Set (A), Tri Bearing Hammer Set (WP137), M4 Steel Sear (WP33), M4 Hammer Lock (WP57), Reinforced 150% Spring & Pin Set (WP115), Anti Rotation Links & Buttstock Speed Buffer (WP95)

PRECISION Fire Pin Block & SHS Steel Firing Pin for WA M4 GBB

Inokatsu M4 Super Bolt (Steel) 2010 Version

RA-TECH Recoil Spring (Summer Type)

5KU HOP UP Barrel Guide

Madbull Parts: 6.03mm Black Python Ver.2 Tight Bore Barrel (300mm) & X spacer

Prometheus Air Seal Chamber Packing (Soft Type)

Magpul PTS AAC M4 2000 Silencer w/ Flash Hider (CW, DX Version, BK)

DPMS Parts: Pivot Pin Front, Take Down Pin Rear, Takedown/Pivot Pin Detent x2, Detent Spring x2, Detent Selector, Selector Spring & Trigger Pin

LaRue Parts: Tactical STEALTH Upper Receiver Assembly (M4 Feedramps) LT-007, Tactical 7.0" Handguard LT15-7 & 1.25 Inch Swivel x2

LMT Parts: SOPMOD Stock Gen 2, 6-position Mil-Spec carbine receiver extension, Heavy CAR Buffer, End Plate & Castle Nut

PRI Parts: Gas Block With Top Picatinny Rail, Fat Boy Gas Tube Carbine AR-15 & M84 Gas Buster® Charging Handle -Military Big Latch

Tango Down Parts: Pistol Grip (BG16) & Rail Panel 6” Black (BP-4BLK) x2

Troy Front & Rear Folding BattleSight (LaRue Branded)

Blue Force Gear VCAS Sling (OA Model) Black

Surefire M900A with Larue Tactical LT170 Mount

EOTech 551.A65 Holographic Sight with GunsModify PC Lens Protector For L3 EO TechCover & LaRue QD Mount LT110


The second rail on the riser mount is getting a EOTech G33.STS Magnifier soon





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That looks.....like my gun's twin.... :D




Who makes that brake?


I believe mine was made by Crusader bought a couple of them from here: http://www.kic.com.tw/shop/product_info.php?info=p8483_Crusader-SF-MB556K-Flash-Hider.html&XTCsid=58c252c7af3de94759f03052db89ef04


What the? I'm seeing double!


Yh, I may have copied RM ;) It was just too pretty not to own one and I wasn't even going to try and make him part with his!


TB's been working on it for a while...he did all the homework... :D


I think his Surefire Brake looks better though...whoelse makes those these days?


Haha, there was a lot of nagging involved and begging for parts information but I got there eventually!


Took about 6 months to source all the parts and build it! Sorry for the late responses everyone, been away on holiday for a few months!

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Don't worry, now yours will be unique....I am changing that upper around a bit as I want to build one of the new fangle skinny RIS-type gun...and not up to spending extra building a brand new upper, so will be reconfiguring this one...:D

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hmm... I lost count after how many k's have been into this collection:


Inokatsu 2011 M4A1 SOPMOD



Surefire m951 w/IR kit

Magpul ASAP

Magpul MS2

Colt 6920 M4 Stock

DPMS Forward Assist

Eotech 553

Magpul BUIS

RRA Front side sling mount

Colt A2 Birdcage flash hider

Colt Delta Ring Assembly (Delta Ring, Spring, and barrel nut)

KAC Forward Grip

AR-15 Crush Washer (yeah this was the cheapest)

KAC Rail Covers



Prometheus 363mm AEG 6.03mm inner barrel

Vipertech 2011-2012 AEG Hop Up

Prime Steel Barrel Extension (Drilled and Tapped to viper's specs)

Everthing else is factory Inokatsu



Vipertech 2012 MK18 MOD 0


Factory Gun

Ebay - CompM2

Element LT-150 Mount

Ebay LMT-Style BUIS

Real KAC Rail Cover

Real KAC Forward Grip

Inokatsu 2011 KAC Style Flash Hider


MISC Parts



LMT SOPMOD G2 Black Stock

Colt N/1 Orignal M4 Stock

DPMS Buffer Spring and Buffer

Colt FSB


KAC Forward Grip



Inokatsu 10.3" Barrel

252mm Prometheus 6.03 AEG Inner barrel

Viper 2011-2012 Hop Up

Prime Steel Barrel Extension

Inokatsu FSB

EA KAC QD Silencer


Inokatsu 2009 Upper



Colt Handguards

Colt A2 Birdcage Flash Hider

Colt Carry Handle

BCM Forward Assist




Prometheus 363mm 6.03mm AEG inner barrel

Viper 2011-2012 Hop Up Assembly

Inokatsu 2011 Aluminum Barrel Extension



On The Way


Real Aimpoint CompM2

Inokatsu 2009 Lower Receiver with Custom Parts (~$360)

Real Colt M4 Flattop Recever

Real Surefire M951 w/ IR port (another one)

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My hicapa.

SD lower and slide

SD red pistolgrip

Nineball outerbarrel Black

Nineball spring guide super light

Nineball 6.03 innerbarrel

Nineball hop-ip rubber

Nineball slide lock

Nineball mag release

Airsoft surgeon trigger

Airsoft surgeon Leaf spring

Airsoft surgeon aluminium bb housing

AIP aluminium hop up housing

AIP steel sears

5ku hammer

AIP sights

6 TM mags with SD lips and nineball gas rubber


Shooting 1.45J with greengas and 1,7J ón redgas



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