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Would you mind giving a parts list?


TM 1911 base

NOVA Frame

NOVA Magwell

NOVA Slide Release

NOVA Ambi Safety

NOVA Mag Catch

NOVA Recoil Spring Plug type 2

Airsoft Surgeon Slide

Airsoft Surgeon Hammer Set

Airsoft Surgeon Blowback Unit

TM 5.1 Rear Sight

Freedom Art Front Sight

PDI Sear

PDI Block Trigger

KM Recoil Spring Guide

Shooters Design Barrel and Chamber

Shooters Design Valve knocker

King Arms Rubber Seal

Action Power Cylinder Bulb

Guarder 150% Hammer and Recoil Spring

PDI 01 Inner Barrel

Guarder Hi-flow Valve

Karl Nill Grips

MEU Magazine

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She's not quite finished yet, (just has some cycling issues to get worked out) but I figured I'd put these up anyway:


Real-Sword Type 56-1 Base, Mix of GHK and Daytonagun internals. No manufacturers had made one yet so I decided to take matters into my own hands. Now if they would only come out with some 47 style mags....



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Hey i got a question for all your race gunners that spend so much on their pistol. Do they ever see use in a skirmish like going out with just a pistol or as a back up? Are they fun to use alone? I want to start to invest in a "ipsc" type gun like redwolfs guy(cant remember his name) but i dont know if it would look funny. Thanks guys. Also very nice rifles and pistols to all.

EDIT: I did search

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Well a pure race gun is not really meant for skirmish(though no one will stop you from using them like that). The are tuned for close-ish quarter and quick shooting, with tight control and little slack, so they would be quite ideal for CQB, just maybe too bling....:D





I use mine for Airsoft IPSC-type of event in Toronto...as I have other pistol(s) for skirmish type game....

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Ok well I didn't think Seraphim would spoil the surprise that quickly but here it is anyway; My new Elcan SpecterDR - SOCOM variant :)


...and now it's time to post this on every single weapon thread :P


U haz real SpecterDR?


That's like, nearly the price of two ACOGs, though less than a Schmidt Short dot...

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Dude, people gotta stop asking him that.


Anyways, so you finally got it eh? And your PMAGs? Nicely done. Have you zeroed it yet? It looks like its way off


Yeah rest assured it wasn't cheap. The PMAG's are an ongoing project but I've decided to stop converting them now that I'm getting into RS.

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