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Sun Project! Nice! And its a flattop conversion. I know that means you either worked hard or payed a lot. So you have a forward assist but no brass deflector? Hows that?


both, actually. I tried to do my own flat-top first.. definitely did not go well, so i shelled out the ridiculously expensive price for a second upper. The stock SP M16 comes with the old style A1 forward assist, and no brass deflector. there was a guide on classicairsoft.net at one point.. or maybe even here on arnies, that ran through doing your own flat-top, adding RIS, and adding a deflector.

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I can still say I own all these! I don't know for how much longer tho....


Asahi m16 LRB



Asahi m60e3 SDX LRB



Asahi m60e1 SDX LRB



Asahi m4 LRB



Jac m1a1 Thompsons(1k~ each):



Sheriff Highlander Magnum Standard:



Sheriff Highlander Magnum DX(Disassembled):



Sheriff m16



Sheriff Custom m4



SP/Escort/Plum Projects/DG AR:



That's all I can fit in one message =P

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WatZ, that is one serious old school collection. Man, it brings a tear to my eyes .... ahhh the memories. Makes me want to dig out my old Asahi Bushmaster and JAC M16A2. My hat is off to you dear sir! :)


I have those two guns also!

My JAC is even a gold plated limited but I don't think it would sell for 1k.



Feel free to reminisce.. Its a public PB account:


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Some of my stuff


Sun Projects M4 with Daytonagun internals





Sun Projects Car15, also got some Daytonagun internals




Sun Projects M16 VN Style, with loads of real steel parts and full steel daytonagun internals (Car15 and AEG also in picture)




Daytonagun Limited edition AK, using Real Sword Type 56 body




P3 Minigun, a few ( :) ) custom parts from Catman and Maddog






See what else I can find to post, and get some better pictures.

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^ On second thought, YOU win this thread.


The P3 M134 is one of the most expensive, most badass airsoft replicas that I know of. Especially with the realistic mounting setup you have, vs. the hand-held Predator setup. The only thing that's missing, is the P3 tracer unit. (Which is 6 TM tracers mounted inside a flash-hider assembly.)



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