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WE Gas Blow Back M4A1 Carbine

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A few frantic minutes later of opening my 4 mags' bottoms: only the magazine that came with the gun is of the old type (which I'm retiring anyway since its all ratty from being dragged around). I had fun though, like a morbid version of those lottery scratch cards. Get a new type and you're good to go for hot seasoned fun. Get an old one and you've only but to count the minutes staying under the sun for your impending explosive doom.

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Heres my latest custom job, a WE GBBR version of a Colt Slab Sides Carbine. If anyone knows a pla ce that could machine me a proper outer barrel, I would like to get in contact with them and have a pr

Heres my custom WE M733. I have a modified RS Bushmaster upper receiver as well as RS buffer tube, castle nut, stock, stock plate, pistol grip, front grips, front sight, and some various other small b

Hehehe, Im with you Hwagan. I dumped my LM4 like a bad habit a few months ago and switched back to the WE platform. Used the extra money to get myself a trademarked M16, slapped a RS A2 upper receiver

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The old ones have a cast flash along the magazine bottom. The new one has two cast flashes across the magazine bottom. This is why Julietcharlies pics are set to wumbo.




I think his just broke off if you're judging by the pics. I know the one on mine did, on the old version and on one of the new ones as well.

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moah, what a freaky §$%!§"§%



A friend of mine ordered the M4 at airsofbuddys and I ordered some spare parts along with his order.


2x Stabilizer for Valve Guide Rod

1x Parts #59

1x Parts #122

1x Steel Bolt Carrier

1x Parts #37


The package was posted on 6-Apr-2009, arrived at the customs on 8-Apr-2009 and was released by customs on "22-May-2009".

It took another week until my friend finally got it but due to his job he was able to get his hands on it last friday.



I got a "steel bolt catch" instead of the spare steel bolt carrier..


I immediatly mailed to airsoftbuddy and ask for a solution/refund.. because the bolt carriers are out of stock,..his answer:


According to we shipped out your kindly order to you already 2 months ago. Why

you don't let us know what you received when you received your kindly order?


At now, our record also shows that we shipped the bolt carrier to you. If you

let us know you received the wrong item that you ordered immediately. Then I

may try to help to exchange. But now is already passed 2 months, I can't prove

we shipped the wrong item to you. So I can't arrange refund to you.


Sorry about it.





Airsoft Buddy




What the..? 45.50$ for nothing?!



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Complaint to PayPal then. I see for AB, stores like E-Hobby Asia still provide unreachable standards. (Or may be it was me who was lucky while dealing with them)

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[rant] That's why I still don't order from ASB. I tried twice, one time they didn't even ship out my order but said they would keep checking the tracking number. Next time, they completely ignored me for a whole month, I only got my money back when I filled a claim with paypal. They emailed me back 2 weeks after I got my money back from filiing the claim to tell me that my order was ready to ship out. FU*K WILLIAM. If you aren't setup to do business properly, don't! Simple as that. A friend of mine bought some parts off ASB as well. They sent him the parts in about a month. He was constantly emailing them the whole time. 1 whole month after he had already received the parts, they emailed him and told him that all the parts were sent out today and that he should be getting them shortly... ummmmm. Pretty much if William tells you he shipped out your parts, tell him to fu*k himself and to get you a tracking number or else you'll file a claim. Filing a claim does nothing either as I've found out. Honestly, just don't buy from them, I'm so sick of them. Sorry about the foul language, I just wanted to show my disguest for this company so maybe people can read this and avoid them like the plague. WE should find some new distributors in HK/CHINA/TAIWAN, there are plenty of people willing to do business properly [/rant]


Anyways, the mag that came with my gun was a greyish coloured mag and the finish was very smooth and kind of shiney. The new mag I bought from Horizon was flat black, had a somewhat gritty finish with no shine on it. I'm pretty sure the flat black one is the new version. I have no leaks from this mag, the old gray one leaked like a mofo, even after I systematically changed the valves (top and bottom), then the seals, then the o-rings, what a POS!


Too bad horizon is down, I don't know who to order parts from now!



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Strange, AB has always promptly shipped stuff.


I have ordered from him 4 times now, even with bits and bobs it arrives in a week. Only down side is that William doesn't keep comms well, so when he ships he doesn't give me the tracking and by the time I start wondering if he has shipped it or not, it shows up at my door.



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Strange, AB has always promptly shipped stuff.


I have ordered from him 4 times now, even with bits and bobs it arrives in a week. Only down side is that William doesn't keep comms well, so when he ships he doesn't give me the tracking and by the time I start wondering if he has shipped it or not, it shows up at my door.



Lucky you, you're the first satisfied customer I've heard from.

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I guess when I order I am not in a rush. I have a walk in armoury at home and I can always go with my next toy in the line.


I have orders from Gunnersairsoft that has been in limbo for 2.5 weeks now, it doesn't bother me too much (perhaps a little bit). I know to give people time to sort themselves out. If they are slow, then you give them a warning. If they are quick, give them praise. :)


William and James (WETTI) have been very helpful even though they can be a little slow. I just give them time, and they will sort it out. If I had paided they don't sort it out...*cough* redwolf *cough* then don't bother with them again.

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I ordered three times from AB as well with fast shipping TAT but I'm near HKG, I'm satisfied with thier service. Only issue I had was the missing o-ring on a steel valve (w/c he provided FOC when I ordered another item from him) and when I ordered the type 1 anti-rotation sear pin I got the type 2, I e-mailed him of the mistake and he responded that I should send back the item and he will send the correct one I decided that spending more for shipping is not worth it and I replied that I will just use the one they sent me.


For those who noticed from my mag pix the small notch at the back of the magazine that is missing in the new mag, it was actually broken off, so no both mags are identical from the top.

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im from the philippines and from the day i ordered from AB my package arrived just 2 days after. he did not asked money for the rubber seal that i was looking for but he said he included one i guess for free in my package which isnt true. i didnt received any replacement rubber seals i just ignored it cause its supposed to be free anyway.



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moah, what a freaky §$%!§"§%



A friend of mine ordered the M4 at airsofbuddys and I ordered some spare parts along with his order.




You got the tracking number, right?


So it should proof that it's been on hold by customs that long.


Otherwise report to paypal asap.



Wetti or anyone, please bring us something like this



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This weekend, The War Store was invited by WE Tactical Training International (WETTI) to attend and assist a testing and training session of the WE AWSS (Advanced Weaponry Simulator System) CO2 GBB M4A1, M16A3 and CQB-R. The location was the 5th Ranger Training Base in Dahlonega, GA. In attendance were members of local LE SWAT teams, Rangers and other military branches.


We've been watching videos, reading reviews and anxiously looking forward to the opportunity to get our hands on the AWSS. We had been talking to James at WETTI over the previous couple weeks preparing to get our first shipment to test and evaluate prior to stocking them for sale in our store.


Everyone got to fire all three M-series AWSS models, with both green gas/propane mags as well as CO2. The guns function great on both types of gas. The build quality of all the guns is incredible. Several real guns were there, and the WE guns were indistinguishable in side-by-side comparisons on external color and finish. Weight is a bit less than a real M4, but still very substantial and totally solid.


The Mil/LE guys loved the way they felt, handled and shot, and thought the recoil was only slightly less than that of a real M4 (they actually shot a real one and the WE back to back to compare). The recoil was thought to be about the same as a 9mm.


The potential for these to make significant penetration into the training market is higher than any airsoft system developed thus far. For your regular airsoft player, if you like a more realistic, mil-sim game, the AWSS line is the answer.


I own many real firearms, including an M4, and this is the closest airsoft has gotten to replicating the experience of a real gun for me. One pull of the trigger will put a huge grin on your face! The recoil will pull you somewhat off target, forcing a slight pause while you reacquire. The accuracy is excellent; I was getting about a coffee cup sized group at 25 yards.


Obviously, owning an airsoft store means we get to see and hold and use a staggering number of airsoft guns...far more than the average player could ever dream of. However, no retail store can stock the thousands of guns that are available out on the market. I've always felt our job as a store is to test and evaluate as many products out there as we can, and filter that all down to a digestible number of quality products over a variety of price ranges.


These guns are astonishing. Everyone just couldn't believe how well made they were. We feel these offerings from WE are very impressive, and represent outstanding quality for an affordable price.


It is recommended to use 0.30g or higher with the 350 FPS bolt, and 0.40g or higher with the 500 FPS bolt.


The War Store was granted an East coast US distributorship by the managing director of WETTI. We'll be getting guns, parts and accessories in over the next few weeks to begin sales to the masses. check our website for more info over the next few weeks.


M4A1, CQB-R, M16A3, SCAR-L (tan or black) are available now. AK, MP5, SCAR-H will be coming soon. M249 SAW, UMP and Sig556 are possibilities down the road.


Here's some pics and videos:



I don't know what the pic limit per post is over here so I'll just provide a link for those. There are pics here: http://buffaloairsoft.ipbfree.com/index.php?showtopic=213

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yup, AB is selling the 7" PMC & TSC barrels but the one that ive attached earlier is PMCs 7" & 10"... as far as i know theres 3 companies currently making WE M4 outer barrels which is PMC, TSC & TAF.


TAF has 6" barrel...



if theres anyone interested getting the PMCs 7" & 10" barrels can PM me :P

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