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WE Gas Blow Back M4A1 Carbine

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WELL made their Mp5K. Some of my friends said it was decent. It's only $95 shipped from EbayBanned

I've had both, the Maruzen MP5K and this new Well MP5K. Well is just a direct clone of the Maruzen. It still fires with open bolt and has a plastic body, fixed hopup and no bolt stop. It just feels too much like a cheap children's toy to me. And I believe that it won't handle green gas for long without breaking. I haven't used much either one of them anymore, since these days I'm quite unwilling to use any other gun than my beloved WE M4... I love just love it so much.


And there's no going back to electric (although the new TM system seems promising). :rolleyes:


When WE comes up with a full-size MP5A3 or SD3 (the one with SEF-selector) with a metal body and realistic operation, I'm definitely getting one! If there's no A3 or SD3 coming then A5 or SD6 could do.

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thanks for the needle buddy.


Get the gastube back on. All you have to do is to knock that small pin that blocks the gastube-channel out. Very easy.

Do you have the limited edition madbull barrelnut on?


lol... yup madbull barrel nut... u can buy straight from strykeairsoft.com, it will cost around $26 usd

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Accuracy I don't know if that is a fact but my bolt carrier that is set at 330fps seems to have less over hop than my 450 one. It actually shoots really accurate. The 450 has a little bit of a over hop but once I use the .30's it flattens.

What is the effective range of the 330fps setup?

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QUOTE (Tyrion_Cro)

What is the effective range of the 330fps setup?


Mine shoots at nearly 70meters


Does anybody own a WE M4 GBB rifle in its CO2 version? I guess I'll be the first in France to own one(in fact a regular gas one build as CO2) I'm building a full one, starting from my spare Lower Receiver and Stock

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If they made a lefty Stag receiver then it would have been impressive. Still, stag does have quite a reputation in the LE/civilian AR-15 world.


STAG=CMT (Continental Machine and Tool).


No doubt CMT makes quality/low cost receivers. They make for RRA, High Standard, Noveske, Century, Global Tactical, Smith & Wesson, and others.


STAG is CMT's own company they formed.


And laughably the ugliest, lamest, most "non tactical" trademarks ever put on an AR lower receiver.


Weak. Not just my opinion, but many shooters.



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Is there any reliable source for the CO2 Conversion Kit and CO2 Mags in Europe?


I guess 'sniperairguns.de' will have those soon, being the 'representatives' for WETTI, and being 'active' on the WE M4 GBB front (they have a lot of parts for this gun in their webshop, don't know if they really have everything in stock all the time, time will tell).

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I know those shops, yes.. "Tactical Quatermaster" hasn't updated the shop for a long time now,.. airsoft-one.be has no WE parts/M4 anymore and sniperairguns.. who know when they'll have those stuff..

TS One is dead/non existent anymore and I don't really trust AB after this bolt carrier story..



..so I guess there is actually no shop here in EU with those stuff in stock right now..

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