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WE Gas Blow Back M4A1 Carbine

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I just received my gun from Airsoft Buddy a few days ago. I love the gun. Even though I had to re-affix the forward assist. It's a blast to shoot. It's shooting really hot as well. I have a picture of my nozzle, and I was wondering if you guys could tell me, does it look like the CO2 nozzle. Looks like I'll be needed part 42 in order to ever skirmish things thing.




Thanks for the help, guys.

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Yup a weaker recoil spring does help, but not by much.


The real issue is that the recoil is sluggish between 10-17*C, and while the recoil spring contributes to it, the fact that a large heavy mass + weaker recoil spring would result in a longer recoil cycle, which is not what we want.


I recently bought a AGM M4 and I loved the recoil on it so I went to see why the AGM M4 gave such a wicked recoil. The AGM's have a comparatively light pot metal bolt with steel inserts where the bolt catch engages with a weaker spring.


So I had a look at the lightened steel bolts for the WA, by sherrif, and I started to carve out chunks of the WE bolt where the forces are not acting upon it and the side thats not asthetically required (left hand side of the bolt).


I don't have a scale, so its just my word. But compared with my friend's WE's the cycling speed as well as recoil snappiness has improved. The WE bolt is still heavier than the AGM, but recoil strength at 10*C is higher than the AGM which is pretty good :)


Though the AGM has the edge when it comes to fuel consumption, it just keeps shooting on one charge of gas.





The reason why the AGM kicks so hard is that the bolt is lighter and the best reason is that the buffer shock is a cheapie but very sturdy and VERY VERY LIGHT. and the buffer tube spring is very strong and also the hammer spring is very very hard alot stronger feeling than the airsoft surgeon ones i have felt and thats a good thing.


Ive messed around with both the WA system and WE system, the WA system takes more time and parts but that stopped when the agm came out you guys are like its junk it doesnt work right! well its actualy a good good gun and the only thing that needs to be changed is the hop-up, and if that all it takes for more recoil and a realistic bolt in the WA system im down.

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Having a little problem with the 'Enhanced HOP'. My rifle only has a 40 metre effective range on green gas - after that, the BB's just plough into the floor.

Is this happening even when you've set your hop to the fullest? And what gas are you using? Green gas really makes the hop less effective because of the oil and some brands have more oil than others.

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Yeah, Andrew March, we should have pretty much the same version, then.


Thing is, I don't know which way is more HOP, and which way is less.


Looking at it, I assumed the more you screwed it in, the more HOP you get, but I could be wrong.


It made no difference what position the HOP was set to, same thing happened.


I use fantastic gas - the old American Eagle winter green gas. Never had a problem running it through both of my Tanaka sniper rifles, so...?





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I have a question that is not already asked I think:


when one puts in the CO2-kit, can the old nozzles (brass and/or steel) still be used, or is it only the new double o-ringed CO2-nozzle that fits the "Part #111 and #112 Barrel and Valve Housing" ???


I also notice AB is out of stock on almost every item one seems to need sooner or later. I hope WE will be producing M4 GBB parts for a while.... Any chance we will see a enhanced part #59 soon?



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I bought it two weeks ago from Airsoft Armoury and they said they had literally just got them in off the production line.


That is NOT true, Airsoft Armory is not one of our authorized dealers. If they get anything off the production line, then it has to be an 'export' version only, not a WETTI-AFC custom version.

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That is NOT true, Airsoft Armory is not one of our authorized dealers. If they get anything off the production line, then it has to be an 'export' version only, not a WETTI-AFC custom version.


It is an export version, no trades. But what is it you're trying say, are you trying to say that the internals on my gun should be any different from someone elses that was purchased 3 weeks ago!


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OMG... !!!


Indeed WETTI....


The lengths that some of us will go to, to get the best out of this!


I've currently got a spare brass hop housing away at my engineering section (strangely at a university 300 miles away) where they are machining it to fit an AEG hop rubber.

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nope mine will not lock properly if you use the standard nozzle on a CO2 brass chamber #111



One person says it works, one says it doesn't...


Can someone (WETTI, knockknock) tell me the one and only answer to the question:


can the "old" nozzles (brass, steel) be used with the CO2 conversionkit parts #111 - #112 ???



And will the conversionkits be in stock again soon....?

And enhanced part #59 (please :-))


Thanks in advance.

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