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WE Gas Blow Back M4A1 Carbine

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Oh this really ###### me off! I got my WE Scar from redwolf. Two of the mags works somewhat ok, apart from the failing bolt lock. The third mag however, came dented in the bottom plate, the side with a deep scratch and a big *albatross* leak. As if it wasn't enough, the fill-vents O-ring, the one you can see of you turn the mag upside down, blew out(and disappeared) rendering the mag useless. The gas doesn't stay in.


Would be awesome if redwolf didn't threw the mags at the wall before shipping.

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Not a technical question, but...


I'm getting tired of waiting for "all interesting spare parts and replacements" to be available at one store.


AB's store says "out of stock(s)" (the last 's' is wrong dear AB :-)) for most needed items.


The "worldwide network" WETTI set up seems not to be a great help.


The French people don't answer (written in English) emails.

The German people don't have the most needed / antwed parts.

There is (for what I know) no "official dealer" in Belgium yet (that's where I live).


As I mentioned earlier: when I order at AB I get "sorry out of stock order it next time".

"Next time" means: again shipping-costs from HK to here.


I'm starting to think the WA-system, being not patented, lets many other companies make parts (or whole rifles i.e. AGM) and this starts to look at a great "pro" to me.


So I hope WE / WETTI will get the parts and upgrades in stores really soon.


Otherwise: one customer less, and many to go I'm affraid.


I'll look into that issue ASAP. Apologize for the inconvenience.

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I'm going to be using the WE more often and in longer games, and REALLY need a stockpile of replacement/upgrade parts. It's going to suck if something breaks and I have to wait for a part that's sold out.


What should a WE shooter have in his parts bin?


In the U.S., Evike.com stocks EVERY part of the M4 currently. Pls check with them, thanks!



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Just a quick 'things I would love to buy from one store in one package so shipping costs are reasonable':


-new chromed inner barrel long with new hop-up

-some new how-up rubbers

-the CO2 conversion kit

-CO2 magazine

-an extra bolt carrier

-extra stabilizer for rod

-metal bolt catch

-a decent charging handle

-part #59 because sooner or later this will brake (so I read here)


Just to name a few ;)


P.S. Many parts / third party items for the WA / AGM M4 GBBs are available lately. It will look at how soon those will be "out of stocks". If those parts keep coming and being available perhaps I will spend some time and money on that platform.


Pls check PM

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NO it has not! Sorry for the delay, but work has just been crazy around here.... promise to do it within a week.




Good to hear! Since I'm planning to build up my upcoming M16A3 as a sniper rifle(also fitted with an M4 stock, DBoys M5 Rails, Bipod and, of course, a scope, and a guillie for weapons), I want to try all the good heavy BBs! I've already ordered the Bioval 0.30g BBs(I curently use their 0.27g in my M4), cause they are actually the only clear BBs in that weight!

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I have had issues with my mags not being able to loack back on empty. I have upgraded them to the steel TSC ones but they only lock back when i pulled the charging handle on empty. Doesn't lock back when i spent all the rounds and have none left...


Pleas help. Thanks.

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