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WE Gas Blow Back M4A1 Carbine

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You knock it out from the bottom to the top.


Use a pin punch or suitably size allen key and tap it with a hammer.


right, if you look closely at the pin, you see where that star-shaped end is.


anyways, I did what I did twice already, I shortened the spring and now it stays on... for now.

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Tried cyanoacrylate and few loctite products from my work, even a loctite polymer glue specially made for metal with its activator.

It's this last one that gave the best results, but it goes off again finally.


I really don't understand why they didn't fixed it with a pin or a screw :unsure:. I think I'll buy the necessary tools and fix it this way by myself, since glues don't seem to like shocks and vibrations :waggle:.


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Well, at least it's 10 bucks less than the "super limited 100piece edition" ;)


Oh, they also have the TSC barrels now.


For the name of airsoft don't buy those TSC barrels. They don't fit. And your flash hiders will only go on half way. :angry:


If you really want one i can give you my 12 incher for FREE! Come get it in Wiltshire.

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Yeah, total bogus.

I will never ever spend more money on just a reciever than the actual gun costs.


All those bodies for the Western arms are around $200, most less.


And about the P-Mags:


I guess anyone who knows how to operate a dremel and a screwdriver can build his WE M4 mag core into a real steel P-mag.


I don't think I will ever buy any TSC product again, since 95% of their stuff either doesn't work at all (enhanced recoil buffer) or ist badly made and need a lot of filing or whatever (KAC style trigger guard).


And I already heard that their 12" and 10" barrel wobble and need a boatload of filing.


PMC makes great parts for the WE M4. I got a charging handle, a barrel, anti-rotation pins you name it and all those products are perfect, fit and work flawlessly.


Oh, and since we're talking about it.

I haven't seen even one picture of these "limited" LaRue recievers yet.



I agree 100,000% about TSC.


And if the truth was told??


There isnt ONE single aftermarket "upgrade" part for the WE worth a dime. (Cosmetic parts and "barrels" are one thing....supposed "internal enhancements" are another.)


And as for these "enhanced parts"? People, save your money.







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