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WE Gas Blow Back M4A1 Carbine

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Well dangit... I had problems with my TSC ambi selector too! (No surprise there though... *fruitcage* TSC :P )


Was looking at the CAT model first but decided against it since the Angry Gun has a slimmed down handle on the right side.


I will let you know :o


Actually I have modded my selector and pin to get more positive clicks on my current stock WE selector so I might get some problems. Should be salvageable with some Dremel work though.

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So my buddy got a second hand WE XM 177 today. It's open bolt but might be a convert.


It seems the "headspacing" of the bolt is off. I.e. the inner barrel and hop up assembly ring in the front of the upper is set too far back, causing the bolt to be sticking out 1-2mms too much out the rear of the upper.


When closing it, forcefully (because the nozzle is getting jammed into the hop chamber), it does a "pop" and a "click" sound, as the tension from the nozzle is released and the bolt hops back, causing the upper and lower to stick together.


Anyways. I guess what needs to be done is push the hop up seating ring forward a bit. But if I recall correctly that is basically hammered in place. So any tips on how the heck you can move it forward ? :o

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Tsc is bad, ra tech is meh but has parts more reliable than others, in the end you should of got a ghk.


I kinda want to get another we m4 but I want better mags for lower temps.

If the temp was 50*f I have to use propane, no way around it. Buty indoor don't allow it so I have to buy the we gas.

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Hmmm OK. Good to know.


Well we tried slamming the bolt home and it doesn't seat properly and I can also see the metal ring front the upper inside of the chamber in front of the hop unit / loading ramp.


Anyways. Going to be doing a full take-down and rebuild of the rifle to check it out. See what happens.

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I am debating on a new we m4 or ghk. I had a we m4 stock and it rocked. Not sure I want to try a new experience system

Didn't you tell a user (on here) that they should have got a ghk m4, instead of a WE M4? So that means you've already decided (that the ghk is better). . .


Edit:- Yeap, post number 7659.

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Yep, quite a bit more for my build. Love my we, just hated the mags not working for me in 60*f weather. I had no issues with the gun itself functioning.


I was very pleased with my old we m4, but you know I felt it lacking a lot when I would rapid fire in semi/auto.


Like bbs not effecting from the hop, slow semi it would fire stupid accurate at 225'.


I see all these ghk videos of it firing amazing on auto and I get a lil sad.


My last we m4 build, I miss it but I should stop being a cheapass and get a ghk.



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My we m4 was 99% stock ran extremely hard for 2 years and kept ticking. That's why I kinda want one again. Stock they are very good. Ra tech parts have low quality now. I'm debating on buying the trigger set for my m14 ebr.


I just wish mine fed good in auto

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