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A&K SVD PICT'O'RAMA + first look

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*reserved for right up and pics, just felt like announcement and giving some people something to look forward to. i got to upload my pics (took a few dozen) and write a comprehensive first look and figure out how to fully take it apart. please do not post until i say "FINISHED". i think the pics will take up a few posts.*




THE ALRIGHT!!! time to get down to it

all photos are also links. they link to my flicker photostream where all the pics reside and you can see larger sizes. photos were taken with my new LG enV Touch with a 3.2MP Schneider Kreuznach camera, they are nice, but a little noisy. the long and weirder looking pics were taken in panorama mode where i took 3 pics at the same time and my phone automatically linked them together. none of the photos were edited though i should have.




the A&K SVD is a copy of the saught after, $500 spring sniper rifle originally from AtoZ. it was then produced by KM Head 1950 and then the production cycle ended with King Arms. the origional was compatable with AEG barrels and bickings and Maruzen APS2 pistons. these features are replicated in the A&K.



i ordered the rifle from War4 the day after it came out on a weekend. War4 told me that they were sold out and i would have to wait for them to special order me one. a week later (last friday) i was notified that it was sent and i was upgraded to 3 day delivery for my trouble. on monday it arrived in a brown box wrapped in red ribbon with a bow tie, it was kinda nice with a multipage document explaining how it was a toy. sorry, i forgot to take a pic of the box, i was quite eager to get the rifle out. the actual box of the rifle was just as plainly brown as the box it was wrapped up in. it had absolutely no markings. the styrofoam packing was quite tight and there was padding along the top of the rifle. it was well protected (the box wasn't damaged in any way and thee was "fragile" stickers all over it along with the red ribbon).




its quite nice with the way War4 handled it and i would recomend them to anyone. they have alot of great stuff and great prices. shipping on the other hand was a bit high for this gun. it is long, but its only like 6 pounds. it cost USD75 for the gun but USD95 for standard shipping. the SVD is again available from War4, its in stock.




removing the foam reveled the sexy rifle




with the gun was included a mag, a pack of BBs (dont know what the weight is) and a front sight height adjustment tool. the adjustment tool is plastic and is in the bag with the BBs (visible outside the bag below the gun. its the black thing) so don't just chuck the bag when you get the rifle. there is nothing else, not even any documentations like manuals or anything proving that this thing actually comes from A&K.


taking the gun out, it felt a bit light compared to the AEGs i have held, but it was a nice weight. the weight definitely makes up for how long it is, increasing its weildability. doing the shake test, it did rattle a bit. the mag wobbles and the gas block/front sling mount rattles. the wobble isn't visible, but it rattles. the gas block may be able to be fixed if i tighten the set screw in the bottom, but i havn't tried it yet. speaking of set screws, they are tight and the set screw contact points are mostly counter sunk, so the gun will start to wobble instead of just fall apart if the screws loosen.




the metals on the body and in the trigger mech are all pot metal with a rather nice finish. the finish isn't as scratch prone like madbull metal is. the piston, cylinder, bottom spring guide spacer and top spring guide are aluminum. the block screwed to the gun that the spring guides are atached to is pot metal. inner barrel is brass and reportedly has a 6.04 bore. i haven't shot it a lot yet, ran into a problem ill explain later.

the plastic stock is rock solid and feels nice, i think its made of ABS. the fore grip is made of the same plastic, but being a little thinner, it flexes a bit when squeezed. the for grip is not just 2 shells held together like an M4 for grip, but its has molded pins like a plastic gundam model, but they are really thick so dont feel that you have to be ginger with them. you'll see pics of them in the take down guide. the magazine feels a but cheap. it may be ABS as well, but its very thin, the finish looks vry similar to the metal of the body, so at least it doesn't seem out of place. the cheek rest seems solid and comfortable, made of wood and leather. the metal wire of the cheek rest is stiff and locks securely.




its a high cap. now, its a bad thing, but its also a good thing. its bad for snipers and hicap haters but its good cause you wont need another mag. i havn't counted, but its supposed to hold 190.






the cover to poor in BBs is just about impossible to get open with your finger (at least on mine), but you can use the mag catch lever to wedge in the opening and pry open the door, so there's no need to reach for the nearest stick to reload. its fed great so far and there seemed to be an ample amount of metal when i looked into it. ill take pics of the internals of the mag in my take down guide.

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the stock is rock solid, but isn't really the most comfortable thing to hold thanks to the almost square rear side of the grip and various burrs on the mold line. the but plate is metal. there are mold lines and and ugly inlayed plate on the concave side. the sling stalk seems sturdy. the cheek rest holds securely and is rock solid. this is all i need to say about it. overall the gun feels nice to hold, but the main handgrip is a bit uncomfortable. though, i will be using gloves and that will make hings better.












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tis a sexy body, albeit not accurate as it is MATTE black and CAST. the safety clicks very well, but the trigger is kinda "meh". has a lot of creep but a fine breaking point. if you pull the trigger half way and release it, the sear will go back to full engagement status instead of sitting there, half engaged. the top cover feel solid and is thick, but it is also cast. the safety and take down lever feel solid to switch and move. the mag catch is easy to press and has a lot of travel. the mag clicks positively, but wobbles a few millimeters back and forth. the trigger guard doesnt bend if you want to know, its solid. pulling back the bolt is a bit hard, it is a couch spring, and doing so a few dozen time yesterday left my fingers sore. however, its a smooth action and i think theres plenty of bolt to hold on to in order to pull back. the scope mount is present and i cant wait to put something on it.

pics(no more links, you get the point):









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the front of the gun, by which i mean the sights, hand guard, gas block and barrel are solid for the most part. the hand guards flex a few millimeters inward, around the ports, but there is no creaks. the gas block and sling mount rattle but dont visibly move, but i think is fixable. the front sight. which is cast with the flash hider, is rock solid. it looks like it is held by pins, but it is only on with a set screw within the bayonet lug. there is no barrel wobble, at all.

pics of front set:







gas block set screw


hand guard set screw hole, ill explain its insignificance in the take down guide



screw holds down the front sight's leaf spring. under the leaf spring is one of the screws that holds in the barrel




while taking the gun down, i found out that it has a bucking in the same style as firefly buckings. actually, it looks like a chopped down AEG bucking, just kinda cut in half with scissors. i wont show you anything but this:


for the rest of it, wait for the take down guide. i think 40 images is good for today.




im am VERY happy with it. aside for the sore fingers, i have no bad feelings about scrimmaging with it. its completey solid, light and has potential for good stock performance. it is compatable with AEG barrels and buckings, but the buckings must be thin (id use a KWA G2 to compensate for the lack of the ability to use an SCS nub) the fit in the chamber is super tight.

i am very happy with my purchase.




description of 90% take down passed maintenance.

pics of every step.

pics of most parts.

reassembly notes.

other cool features of internal parts.

100' groupings test.

filled picture requests.

possible FPS figures with stock, M120(or M110, whichever is in the well mp5 i have) and Marui springs.

other things i think of.




ask me for any other pics you want to see. ill put them into the take down guide as stated above.




ok, i just spent a few hours doing this (maybe 6...). hope you liked it. feel free to ask questions and comment.

if my pic links didnt bring you to see larger sizes, here is the link to the photostream:


remember way back when i mentioned having a problem? well, when i was putting the gun back together, i accidentally hooked the trigger assembly into the wrong notch, causing the whole thing to sit high and i cant fire the gun. i know how to fix it, but i need to take the gun back down. ill use that opportunity to take the notes and pics for the guide. ill write the guide over the weekend.


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after i write in the technical data, add the groupings test and write the take down guide, you think one of you mods can transfer this over to the review section? i don't know why i put this here in the first place... other than the mass of pics.


ill do more proof reading and correct my bad capitalization skills.

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nice review would like more info on Hop/range/Stock FPS etc if anyone has this?

What sites are stocking this at the moment?

well, im in the process of writing the next part of this. ill probably just put it up on ASB being the fact that it will be easily accessed by everyone once it published.


the FPS was a downer for me. not because of the FPS it puts out (IT PUTS OUT A LOT) but because of the consistancy:


G&G .25g white BBs





thats all i had time to take

now, my BBs could have been dirty, the spring isnt broken in and it was someones random crono, but it still disappoints me.


as for the rest of the shooting performance, i don't want to say anything yet. but it shoots horribly with .25s, just like most other sniper rifles. im going to get some decent .28 or higher BBs and shoot some more. but that wont be for a while.

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