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I've only made about three orders with these guys, but every time they've gone above and beyond the call of duty.

I recently ordered some boots, but due to my bank being douchefags, the money was not made available in my account for some time. They tried everyday ( as I told them that I desperately needed the boots for my H4H March *shameless plug*) and they were always courteous in the many phone calls.

I also ordered some Oakley's on a separate occasion, and they were out of stock, but were due to get stock soon. As an apology, they upped the delivery speed to the next bracket ( guaranteed next day before 12am) and knocked off all delivery prices! They also have some very good prices ( particularly on the Oakley gloves btw)


A company I'd definitely do business with again and again :)

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Would completely agree with you Shriven - I ordered a pair of Oakley boots (£65, cheapest that I've found anywhere) and Oakley M frames from them and a parcel arrived the next working day. I payed using Paypal and was initially concerned that I hadn't received a receipt outlining what I had actually purchased, but following a brief phone call they sent an electronic receipt.

All I can say is that I would certainly use them again both because of their low prices, particularly in the Oakley range, and their excellent speed and communications related service.



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Took a while to get in touch with polimil for me. I ordered a 5.11 RUSH 72 before I came home on leave, didn't get it until I was ready to fly back out off of leave. Even had to settle for OD instead of FDE as I wanted. Lack of communication regarding the order and item status stopped me from being able to get the bag I wanted in time or cancel and order from another retailer.



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Good place to shop, called up before hand to see if they had ESS Advancer V12's and its perscription inserts, they confirmed, told me to make order on website.

I did, this was a Friday 28/05/10, got items next day. Cost me £12.50 for delivery, but you guys know, when you need something, you really NEED it. Good to know they can fulfil order and deliver this urgent.


Sorry for necro post.unsure.gif



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I find there top notch when it's in stock , however IF it's not in stock they can be very poor at getting back to you about it . Twice now I've ordered gear waited a few day not recieved the gear or heared any thing , rang them to see what's happening to be told "oh sorry it's out of stock , but we havn't got round to contactIng you yet" .

So yeah there realy good sometimes but sometimes not so good !

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