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Magpul PTS AEG review

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I mean, I'm the king of latent airsofting but geez, even if you're gonna stand around smoking tabs it doesn't hurt to move around and look in different directions etc.


Well, those 8 guys had just taken out an ambush my fire team laid by spotting us. I was the only one who got away. I hid and they ignored me. Big mistake. This was right outside their base and I used this to my advantage together with one of my favourite tactics; look like you belong there.


If you walk, calmly out past people they often mistake your side at a distance since people are looking out for people moving "suspiciously". I, of course, had my tags visible and my finger on my trigger. I was wearing multicam, and was clearly on team Delta, but this didn't matter since, how could I have got there? People see what they want to see. I moved out and around behind the 8 man team and the people at the base 50 yards away, looking straight at me, simply presumed I belonged there. I was able to walk right up to them as they considered their movements from their vantage point. I shouted, "Hey guys!" and laced em. I wasn't expecting to get all 8 in one burst without getting hit.


This is my favourite tactic of all and the source of much of the pleasure I get in airsoft: flanking. There is something so satisfying about catching the enemy unawares.


Everyone has a good story of a time this has worked for them, which shows we all remember the tactic when it works. Speaking of which, that guy behind the tree would have killed us all if he had a grenade or had taken up a prone position and put down a stream of bb's against our side, but he tried to pop us one at a time. So often, the winning tactic only occurs to you after you get hit and are out of the pressure zone.


Trip once told me a story about how he snuck up on a team defending a house by climbing the chimney, only to get 2 of them with his pistol before dying. "Why didn't you use a grenade or radio for support?" I asked. "I only thought of that afterwards", he replied.


Happens a lot.



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Having Been to every Ground Zero weekender I can tell you its a great weekend, but there are so many real young players the Non hit taking is legendary,


In my experance the best way to play against that is Give everyone a real good burst just so they know that there was no mistaking there hit!


If that makes me an over killer thats fine with me, I took 600 rounds out to play all day at GZ and came back to the tent with over half of thoes,


@ Rogue if you where going to remove every player that over killed at GZ you would have to remove just about every one that carried a HiCap, iv never seen so much over kill but then again I dont care.


Nice Review Bash.

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Tis a lovely piece of kit Basho, your review and video do it much justice.


I love reading reviews written by a author with a good sense of humour, as yours ably demonstrates, not to mention being choc full of Team Beans references, we appreciate the mention fella :D

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The gun is still working well. The battery is still 8v small. Frankly I don't see the need for 9 or for lipo at the moment. I took some more footage using the gun at a game (see the videos thread).


It definatley warrants a 9/10, quite an AEG.


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