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What gun would you want made?


What gun(s) would you prefer to see made?  

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  1. 1. Pistols

    • Makarov
    • Jerico
    • Tokarev TT-33
    • Walther P-38
    • Stechkin APS
    • Walther PPK
  2. 2. Sub-machine-gun

    • PP19 bizon
    • PPsh-41
    • Sterling
    • M3a1 grease gun
    • Spectre M4
  3. 3. Would you buy a cloned spas 12?

    • Yes
    • No

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Actually a handful of these are interesting but yeah the browning HP is missing which is discouraging.


I would take a Jericho, Ppsh 41/43 (optional drum or normal mag) and a Sterling SMG. Would be great if the Sterling SMG was a GBB then it would just rock :D


But I do agree that the Makarov, A good TT33 and the Bizon would be required in the airsoft world. Even if I didn't like it, one day I might still get one as a collector. I would've though the BIZON using a GHK GBB kit wasn't that far off, with a massive gas cylinder in the magazine.

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I wouldn't buy any of those.

I dont even think they would sell in any quantity to make them a viable product to make either.

Out of everything listed there the only thing that would take my fancy would be a PPSH-41 but even then I dont think I'd actually buy one as I know I'd never use it if I did.

As for the SPAS-12, I'd only buy one if it had the stock so I could take the stock off and somehow fit it to my M500 then sell the SPAS-12 because they are horrible things to use.

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I knew even before seeing the choices that my eventual choice would be in the bottom rung. But I'd fork over a reasonable amount of money for any of those handguns just because they're different assuming they're made t function reliably of course (gives the stink eye to the Jericho).


P.S. Jericho is spelled with an "h" btw

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I'd probably buy a clone SPAS metal or not as keep reading it makes me miss my old one....


However if it came with the metal stock then id certainly buy, if it was a full metal with the metal stock then OW GOD YES








I still dont know why there is such a stupidly low amount of accessories for Marui shotguns

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Why, yes, I WOULD buy a clone SPAS, espec. if it's full-size with a top-folding stock, AND a tri-shot. As for other options, I'm thinking more about my friend, a terminal Soviet geardo, who'd surely go for a PPSh and a TT33.

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