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What gun would you want made?


What gun(s) would you prefer to see made?  

236 members have voted

  1. 1. Pistols

    • Makarov
    • Jerico
    • Tokarev TT-33
    • Walther P-38
    • Stechkin APS
    • Walther PPK
  2. 2. Sub-machine-gun

    • PP19 bizon
    • PPsh-41
    • Sterling
    • M3a1 grease gun
    • Spectre M4
  3. 3. Would you buy a cloned spas 12?

    • Yes
    • No

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Correct me if i am wrong but i believe that the Makarov, PPK and P-38 already exist?

I know for a fact Airsoft world had a p-38 only around a month back and i think the was a marishen or maruzen.


Still would love to see a Burp gun (which i believe has had plans made for but no details on release.) and a Tokarev 33 purely cause i like the build of Russian weaponry. (Especially the m1891 not the 1930)


My two cents.

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Makarov looks like clear winner from those, but others still have competition on and still you guys couldnt decide over SPAS :P until next sunday you have time to vote, then will cut the lights from this show.


We've been asking for this pistol for years now... ;) There's a Taiwanese company that makes a NBB .177 CO2 Makarov, you could use it as a base for a NBB Makarov or you could adopt a PPK mechanism to fit a Makarov shell for a GBB Makarov.

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clear winner where, Pistols: Makarov with 85 votes and Sub-Machine gun: PPsh-41 with 90 votes, Cloned SPAS 12 says NO with 114 votes. i start to collect information to these models now, if anything to be discussed in this thread would be that WHICH model Makarov and PPsh-41 if there is more different models out there, discuss which one should be the one to be copied.

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