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Photos from our most recent Mil-Sim Event and Preparations for it

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Looks like it was a fun game. I'd love games like this organised in my area, but sadly there seem to be none.


Whats all the complaining about someones choice to stay about? Even if you called an ambulance, even the paramedics can't make someone go to hospital. Most of the guys I play with are the same.

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Exessive... This is exactly what people here expect and pay for from a Mil-Sim event. Anyway, we do carry tools and MED-Packs to help those poor buggers who do get tangeled in.

4 Years ago on a similar event... I remember a guy who broke his leg after falling in a sewer hole... He guarded our base for the next two days with a leg that was patched up with a stick and some tape.

Thats Hard Core Mil-Sim!


Is developing Sepsis "Hardcore Mil-Sim!!!" also? Or risking a shard of fragmented bone slicing your femoral or other arteries and bleeding to death internally? :rolleyes: think it can't happen? I've seen it about 3 times in 5yrs of working my job.




As far as the game and pics go...absolutely amazing. That is wicked cool...how long did it take you guys to build those battlements? Or did you do them prior to the game?

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