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I just recieved my KWA MP7 GBB mit full licensed HK markings.


Hefty, rock solid. The stock has minimal play, but nothing to worry about.

The foregrip locks into position nicely, but has some minor play as well.


Honestly I can't say much about since I recieved it an hour ago. So this is something like a first impression topic.. yet. More to come.

All I can say is, it is loud. Really lound. And the bolt cycles sooo smooth, amazing.

WE can learn alot from this weapon.


So, here are some pics, enjoy!











(Sling Mount on top not included)



The charging handle feels kinda fragile.



A glance at the hop up unit.



Which is accessed through the Gaspiston outlet channel (or whatever it's called) using an included tool. Clever.


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Typical KSC/KWA Blowback system.



The magazine is well made, no leaks (Hello WE/WETTI. Take a look, it is possible) and no wobble in the mag well.





But nothing is perfect. There are some unclear imprefections on the metalparts like the endplate and the rails.



The metalparts are something like steelblue. Differs from the flat black body, but it looks nice.





Oh yeah, price is 249,- € including a 40 round magazine. 20 round mags are coming up.


(I'm neither a worker for KSC/KWA nor I'm a vendor. Just a happy customer and glad to see that there actually is a way to make a gbb "rifle" working out of the box and when it hits the market. Unlike my WE M4 which is still not working properly after 4 month and $ of upgrades)

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It's available through several vendors in germany.




I got it from here. They were the first who released it.


One thing right away:

There is no easy way to field strip this. You need to remove the 2 rear pins, and even that isn't easy.

THat's a definate con.

Personally I like to lub every GBB before I use them for the first time and I clean them every time I used it.

If you wanna quickly clean the barrel you have the stick the cleaning rod into the nozzle and than push it through which means you drag all the dirt and oil towards the hop up. And actually that's the last thing you wanna do.


Later today I'll do some 5 meter shooting and give you some feedback on the accuracy.




I just hit the chrono with Abbey Predator and .2s at almost exactly 1jouel / 340FPS.


It's nice and loud but the recoil is slim to none. My KSC Glock "kick" harder.

But it still is a lot of fun.

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That looks great, I cant wait for mine to come fingers crossed!! The only thing that I can say that I really dont like is that stupid stamp on the back that says the trademarks are used under license by Umarex. Why did they have to spoil the lovely trademarks with that, bloody Umarex. :angry: Other than that, you are a jolly lucky fellow to have such a nice looking gun before everyone else.

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Yeah that's true.

I had the "licensed" Maruzen MP5k and all the markings were just terrible. a huge red HK logo on the magwell and the Umarex text was like 5 times as big as on the MP7.

So I can deal with it.

And it might be removable with acetonfree nailpolisher remover.

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ok guys, first shootin.


I went in the basement to first zero in my sights and then adjust my hop up.

Distance was 7 meters and I used .25 KSC perfects.


So, these were my pick up shots from which I wanted to adjust the iron sights.

You be the judge.




I just say it the way it is. KSC or KWA did to their guns before they left the factory what WE, my money and my time couldn't do in 3 month.

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If you sent me the money in advance I could.


Keep in mind that german guns are semi only!!


Unfortunately I'll be on holyday from saturday for one week.


you could try to reach kotte&zeller here:




They do ship to the UK for 10,-€


I'm sure they can send you an invoice in english.

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sorry to hear your having probs with your we man,i have not as yet had any problems,but tbh my hfc mach11 gbb system is better than my we lol...i want one of these that you have,what online stores have them that you know of?( new zealand also does not allow auto )

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Damn it, my wallet is burning...


Now waiting for someone to start an "MP7 vs MP9" thread.


I want the MP9 cos its shorter, but I want System 7, and the higher FPS from the MP7. I would like something accurate too so a comparison of MP7 vs MP9 accuracy at 5-10m would be good, and as well an FPS comparison.

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bolt catch works on this too?


Indeed, and it works every time.

Strange is that you cannot lock the bolt back manually. So, you cannot pull the charing handle and than engage the bolt lock, you need to insert an empty magazine and than pull the charging handle back.

I don't know who the real steel works though. So it might just be a good replica of the original MP7.


Here some more picks of the markings:
























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An update on the magazine:


I just saw that there is a unique way they designed the magazine follower.


Of course you can lock it down like on any other KWA/KSC weapon. The problem with that used to be that when you release the follower by pushing it down it would slam up against the magazine feeding lips what puts additional stress on the lips.


On the MP7 KWA created a locking mechanism in the actual follow. There is a tiny button in the follower that pops out when you lock it down. So, when you push the button down your finger still makes contact with the follower and you can smoothly lead it towards the feeding lips.


Very nice feature.









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