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so are trademarks the same for both versions? excluding the umarex trades on kwa...


there is not a 14mm thread under the flashider. It needs an adaptor.


Don't know anywhere selling the KWA in europe yet. Had to get mine from USA.


Did it come with all trades? were not cancelled?

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yeah sorry

thank you :P

good review


is there a 14mm thread under the flashider?

do you know a place in EU that sells the KWA version (except german shops)?


It's a 12mm positive thread. Take note that TM MP7 is a 12mm negative thread. Thread adapter from 12 to 14 is being made by 3rd party company in US right now.

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RA Tech must be the worst sales website in the known universe, and that's up against some pretty fierce competition in the world of airsoft.


While thats probably true, there has been very little problem for me ordering stuff from them. The commnunication is usually pretty swift(within a 24 hour turnaround as usual), and they are fairly responsive to questions as well....and depends on your experience I think their own product is pretty good as well.

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Hi guys


I have got the option of pre ordering one of the KSC Mp7's (retailers getting another batch in the next 2 weeks) and need some help.


What I want to know is are the KWA MP7 going to be available in the UK any time soon and if so is it worth hanging on for them??


are they more reliable than the KSC,

has anyone blown the cylinder of a KWA yet?

is the cocking handle metal on the KWA?

etc etc !!


I am quite handy with gun repairs so fitting new cylinder/nozzles etc wont be a problem, just an annoyance on a new gun!


I realy love these guns and plan to use it as a sniper backup weapon, but.... I DONT WANT TO BUY A LEMON! so all you lucky KWA owners... how are your guns holding up??


Will need to put the deposit down for the KSC in the next few days, so I need to make the decision to buy it or hold for the KWA soon, any help would be much appreciated guys.



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I cant import due to not having debit/credit cards (long story)


The cost of the KSC is only £245 which i didnt think was too bad! and the retailer is local to me (short ferry ride) so a lot easier to deal with in case of warranty issues!


Oh well KSC and an uprade cylinder it is!



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I got it from Airsoft Titan - purely because they are based in the same town as KWA US. But I had it shipped to my sister's house in LA and she's sending on to me when i've stopped sending kit to her on an almost daily basis.

Fair enough, no worries, I don't haev any friends in the US LOL

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