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^Gotcha. Though in the meantime I've put it all back together - I did a complete reclean/regrease, so I want to test out the accuracy now before doing something drastic to the hopup.


Question though - wouldn't removing that "ring" remove any place the BB would sit along in the chamber? Or does the hopup nub do that?


Also got my RF pack in today from -I-; sent me a prototype silencer adapter for it as well. Too bad my silencers aren't with me :(

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Riptide: If you remove the Constriction on the MP7 its not going to affect if the BB sits in the chamber as the hop up is compensating for it. Even on 0.2g hop level is sufficient to keep the BB sitting in the chamber.


The only two guns where the lack of the constriction has made BBs roll out with the hop up on; the AGM M4s and the WE M4.



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Nah, it won't be as precise as a dremel.


I used to do it with a small circular file, but then that could over sand the hop area . With a dremel the holes and even and round and if careful it will not affect the hop.


So probably just leave it alone if you can't get a dremel.

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^ Mine is Coming Sometime this week, Does any one know if you can use the KSC RF Nozzle in the KSC Taiwan or you have to use the KWA Version Nozzle for it


RF nozzle is not compatible with KSC "Taiwan" Version or any other version. It is only compatible with the "Japanese" version

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What Kind of BB's Are You Guys Running in your MP7?


Im Debating over .25's and .28's. Im Running a SD Valve, RF Nozzle and 220 EDGI TBB. Any Suggestions on which Weight or What worked best for you


I'm using KSC .25 and sometimes Madbull .36 and they both work very well. The .36 is very accurate but a diminished range.

How did you hide the 220mm inner barrel coz it protrudes way out of the muzzle?

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RF nozzle is not compatible with KSC "Taiwan" Version or any other version. It is only compatible with the "Japanese" version

Actually, they have 2 version for both Japan and KWA/Taiwan. Japdn version have a green paking and Kwa ver. have a kahki packing.


why are people cursing about not being able to replace the KWA nozzle with a readyfighter? It's only the KSC japan model that has the weak cylinder.

"Two is one and one is none", it's always good to have a back up replacement parts, may be this is what the RF guys think. However I agree that KWA MP7 is actually a very good GBB out of the box.

Edited by -l-
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The only Gas Mp7 that has reported broken nozzles is the KSC Jap. The nozzle on this one was made with a thinner side wall, is not compatible with the rest & blows after use with green.


The Ready fighter nozzle is made to replace this nozzle only & due to the thinner walls, will not fit the others.


The others have thicker side walls on the nozzle, with a smaller diameter cup & are not blowing.


I am using Guarder HPM .28's. I am getting 12" groups at 50m. Hop adjusted correctly, a flat trajectory to about 60m. No misfeeds.


I am currently using a 6.04x200mm tn barrel but was achieving similar accuracy & range with the stock barrel.




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Anyone managed to get a silencer onto their MP7? Marui thread adaptors don't seem to work on the KSC MP7 (CCW vs CW).

there you go, here is the production type RF silencer adapter, I know the silencer is not a 4.6mm type. Let's just all wait for dytac to make us a proper one.





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