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KWA UK, or "Airsoft World" as they are also known! they don't have any stock of MP7s yet though. They'll have to supply something at the KSC Japan power level or so, I would think. Will be interesting to see what they do.

I figured crim would say KWA UK, aka airsoft world (Scotland).


At which point I was going to point out they are out of stock.


& that in a way, they ain't a UK 'dealer'. disregarding the politics that most scots don't want to be, or count themselves as 'Brittish', I don't think they qualify as a UK dealer, because you can't order over the phone. To my mind, this just puts them in the same league as some dodgy ebayer.


All of which is not relevant as they have no stock. :rolleyes:





PS, if they get them in, can you order me one too? ;)

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yeah i was going to say




or airsoft scotland


The mags are really expensive, cheepest i seen them are $40 each


So it may look like i will have to import the mp7

For the moment.


I would say ring Airsoft World (Scotland) & ask when it's due in but they rarely answer their phone.


Ask airsoft armory if they have any intention of getting them in. I just noticed they have the KWA NS2 Mac 11 in. The MP7, might be next, if they get enough inquiries.




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Danke- how do you find it in speed ball games ?


are the extra mags heavy ?


Which is the best airsoft shop then to buy the mp7 ksc taiwan version and 4 long mags ?


super confused now !


KWA MP7A1 Gas Blowback SMG (SYSTEM 7 / Tawian Version)


I thought only ksc had a Tawian Version ?


Its on at airsoft global

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The mags are heavy I would only keep one in a dump pouch myself. I have not pulled it out for a speedball game, but I may be involved in a human wave attack this weekend with it so I'll see how it does for full auto all the time then.

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Kic BB Gun has them. They Need the Ready Fighter Adapter. The KSC Taiwan is basically the KWA with Proper Trade Marks and No Umarex. And RA Tech is Where I got my MP7 and Mags From

Whats the website for Kic BB Gun? I already have the Umarex one, I can get the silencer at Kic?


edit: nevermind, I figured out the website but I'm not sure how to order since everything is in Hong Kong dollars. RA-Tech, eHobbyasia, ebairsoft, are all out of stock for the mp7 LONG magazines. I wonder if there are any other Hong Kong dealers that might have these.

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I think 4 spare mags 5 in total will be enough for a skirmish right ?

I orriginaly had 3 & occasionaly used them all. Ordered another 2 but have not yet had to use them.


I do carry one of theose small 'flash bang' gas containers & addisional bbs in a Marui speed loader. I sort of top up as I go.


Depending on the game, ammo use varies but staying on semi & one shot one kill usualy means 120 rnds, go a very long way. ;)


are the extra mags heavy ?

They are about the same as the KSC/KWA Glock 18, 49 rounders. So compared with an aeg mag, they are heavy.


I don't know if this was posted somewhere else but if anyone is interested in a KWA endorsed tightbore barrel here is the EDGI version and as far as I know, the only one.


Yay, at last.


No good to me, as I'm more than happy with my 'customised', 200mm, 93 auto barrels. ;)




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I think it's just a mislabel.. the KWA Taiwan is the KSC Taiwan.

As far as I know, there is both a KSC Taiwan & KWA Taiwan.


The function & design is the same. As usual, the KWA may suffer quality issues & is thus priced, suitably lower than the KSC.


There may also be differences in trades.


If trades don't matter & function is your only interest, the KWA, with a decent warranty, is probably the way to go. The warranty, would ensure decent support, should you get a dodgy one.


The only KWA I have worked on, was Galactica's. Function was excellent, same as a KSC Japan, but more powerful. However, when I had to remove the trigger pin, I found it was bent. More importantly, it was a very soft material. Positively, this made it easy to straighten but I am sure it may end up bent again! :( Otherwise, the gun seemed solid.




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thanks for the input


So does that mean i should still order the ksc taiwan version, rather than the new kwa taiwan version ?

I have the KWA Umarex (I think USA one, but it was made in Taiwan) and the trades are a little inaccurate (Official Umarex Markings & 6mm instead of 4.6x30mm Markings, etc.) If i could do it again I think i'd get the Taiwan KSC but I am by no means disappointed by the KWA Umarex. And yes, the warranty is nice.

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