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thats what ive done - wouldnt go in at all - ill try it again tomorrow with a freash head on :)

Like Kruck, I've done this a lot & it just seems to go in first time, every time. However, it was very fiddly the first few times.


Don't panic!


As Kruck says, the trigger goes in last. I sort of insert it, compressing the return spring by pushing the pivot point toward the muzzle.


Shame you ain't closer to West London, you'd be welcome round the shed, it'd be done in a few minutes. ;)


Crimson will be happy to tell ya, how tricky it can be. We took it in shifts on one of his :D , sort of working on it until we got frustrated & swapping. Then, when I remembered the technique, it was in, within seconds. :rolleyes:




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Hmm, I personally don't have that many CQB fields, which is a downer. Though my biggest issue is the BB's madly curving left and right. Have most of you (Tigris/greg/kruck/crimson) done the Evil-Dan hopup mod?


Tried it and it was good. About the trigger just follow Greg's instructions. Once you get the technique it is soooooo easy to install.

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Finally got the trigger in - thank for the advice . I put the internal in so far, then pulled them back a a tad, just enough that they would lift up a few mills, just enough to get the trigger in, But its not sitting right and not engaging, and locked 'back' as if the trigger had been pulled - back to the drawing board.


This is doing my head in, i may jump on a plane Greg, and take you up on that offer - stick the kettle on :)

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Waheeeeeey all sorted - just had to use a small screw driver to push the spring down in and then put the pin in place.


New problem - slap in a mag, pull the cocking lever, and the unit sticks back as if you had just emptied the mag. Take out mag, 'recock' it, and it fires forward again *groan*

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I installed my npas today


Right now mine is doing 430 stock, once i installed the npas on its highest fps setting its 280fps and its lowest setting is 230fps before the gun fails to fire


before i even installed it the gun the screw it sits on fell off ! i cant belive the poor build quality


i used a hammer and some glue to wack the bit back on it works fine now


But whats with the fps issue and valve ?


Sould i bring it back to ESC ?

Edited by Crimson
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Sorry to hear that Kruck - but at least RA Tech are good enough to replace them, as they have in my case. Of course, Greg's will still be going strong like his KSC nozzle did....and then break about three months after everyone else's ;)

You're dead right! :D


As yet, no probs but having seen yours, I don't hold up hope for mine.


I think mine may be lasting longer because I very rarely use auto. Who knows.


One thing's for sure; having now written this, I guarantee it will go bang, the next time I use it. :rolleyes:




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In gregs his was stock fps and lower, mine was 420 fps down to 330 fps and lower after npas unit


So i thought what if i filed down the npas unit (ie to let more space for air to come in ?) for every mmm i shaved i lost 3 fps on the max setting


It appears i now need to order a new npas version 2


when i get home from work i am going to mess around with the valve even more

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n1cho- its 6.01


Inner Diameter:6,01mm

Outer Diameter: 8mm

made of SUS304


yeah tested it with both springs


npas is blocking half the chamber i can see it myself


I may now make a whole thread in technical because i dont get the conecpt i think i need someone with more technical exp

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Anyone have any idea what a stock (now) KWA MP7 with the rocket valve spring from the NPAS set installed will do FPS wise? I believe someone mentioned that this spring lowered FPS, but I may be imagining things.


When Greg & I did this on my KWA, that RA Tech spring lowered the upper FPS to something terrible like 300 down from 400. My stock KWA (US) spring was much weaker in strength than the RA-Tech one, and also weaker than the KSC Japan one that greg had. The different results we got were fairly clear - weaker spring, higher FPS.

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