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Sounds good, might have to try an upgrade hop rubber because the performance with the stock one is leaving me distinctly lukewarm. Will definitely give the ball bearing a go though, very cheap to try!


Need some help here guys! Was fiddling with my MP7 today and the bolt wouldn't return to battery properly, eventually found this in my trigger mechanism:




Now it looks like part 122, the rubber recoil buffer. But there's still a rubber part where 122 should be and the gun works as it's always done - I'm confused!

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hello people

I was watching a KSC MP7 GBB, and I have some questions regarding replica.

where to buy parts for subestituição MP7 because it has two problems:
A bolt in, it has some wear and will not be long to go, wanted to know where to buy (preferably in Europe) and a handle / body.

marks which are compatible with KSC because for the same parts,

-Reinforced nozzle for KSC MP7 worth by this nozzle?

-150% Enchanced hammer and rocket valve spring for that server that hammer?

and already now, a manual of how to disassemble said, without losing / breaking anything.



thank you very much

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The 190 is just a bit longer. It extends into the flash hider about half an inch.


The barrel I am waiting on is 370mm and will extend through a VFC suppressor, powered by a field bolt. If the performance I got from a CQB bolt and a 190mm barrel scales in a linear fashion, I should be able to shoot Australia from North America. If my calculations are correct. :D





This is the bearing I am using. I do not use the collar, but the bearing fits perfectly into the indentation in the MP7's hop rubber.


If this truly extends the range by that much, ill probably be dropping it into mine haha. 

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