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Honestly they are still a solid rifle, version 1 and 2 at least and the waffle mags. The newer version 3 and the stanag mags I don't know about but I'd say they are also probably great as well, I don't think they are that different.


But I just don't use mine any more! I had mine TDC moded, for the cradle bolt and parts and then never used it more than a couple of times but it's still a great gun. Mags still solid with no leaks. Shoots pretty well, though I havnt range tested it in a while.


I moved on to WE and now GHK, both are much more customisable and able to accept real/airsoft parts more readily, you can add aftermarket rails etc to a KJW but its that little bit more difficult.

I think the finish of the KJW is more like an airsoft gun, where as more recent M4 GBBr replicas are getting better finishes, materials, after market support etc.

It is not to say that the KJW is defunct, it's still solid, it still runs well and is gas efficient, it kicks less than some GBBrs but more than any AEG. I still like mine, it has a special place in my heart as my first successful jaunt into GBBr, though I would sell if anyone wanted it just because I don't use it.

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Any links to Gen3's? Like was said in the other thread, they don't show up with Google, or looking at the stores, Hong Kong has mostly 2nd Gen, and some have stock of alleged 1st Gen, but none seem to have 3rd Gen.


And what're the differences in the 3rd Gen?

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