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vertical grips cause the bbs to drop down faster defeating the purpose of a houpup. red dots make u go blind, for everyone u hit it takes away a min of vision so it makes u accurate out of fear. T

Yeah man, we pretty much get it. There's no need to post 20 times about how bad your KJW is. Now, can you please go ahead and delete your account?

News Update: We are back to working on our KJW BCGs. I think we should have a production level prototype finished within the next 10 days so keep your eyes peeled. For those who may have missed th

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Alright, so an update for the RA-Tech hop up rubber. I was able to field the KJW M4 today and it's doing a lot better than when I had the stock bucking in it. A problem is that hop up is only applied at the end of the dial, so I never got to a point where I was able to over hop. I was able to reach out past 100 ft before I noticed the bbs starting to drop, but I thought it was manageable. I would like to have more adjustment to see what I can reach out to, so I might end up trying to mod some things. When testing, I did end up getting a few strays and a odd feed where the bb got stuck above the chamber and between the hop up arm and the bucking. I took a few shots with it like that and noticed it later when trying to readjust the hop. I ended up splitting the bucking at the opening, but it's still shooting good because the nozzle sits inside the bucking when shooting.


Well, a little more info than needed to say, but the RA-Tech hop up rubber is doing pretty well. From what I've been thinking, the hop up problem seems to come from the adjustment dial or the hop up arm.

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I have always had the same issue. The arm doesn't seem to actually engage until the point between the 6th position and the return to the first position.

maybe it IS the dial that is the problem?



Edit: My spacer idea sounded good in theory, but didn't work out.

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I think the hop up issue has a couple factors involved including the hop up rubber, barrel, hop up arm, how the hop up rubber situates itself on the barrel. However replacing the hop up dial did fix the issue where the hop up dial wasn't engaging the hop up arm until the last 2 settings.

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Another observation:

My piston cup tore while I was using it at a game. My bb's stopped hopping on every setting. I replaced it with the Cradle piston and wouldn't you know it, I have hop again!!


Honestly, I feel like we should just catalog all the different ways people solved their hop up problems as a way to troubleshoot.


For example, for me:


1. Replaced hop up rubber.

2. Torn piston cup lead to hop up problems. Replaced it with Cradle piston.

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I have all the t-hum upgraded parts and the gun works flawless. My friend recently purchased 2 kjw and is using them completely stock and he is still able to keep up with all the other aeg's. The gun stock is able to be fielded with NO PROBLEMS. For that added accuracy the tight bore and shrink warp mod will be needed. The rest are all fine tune products.


I haven't had any problems with the hop up not engaging enough. I did the shrink wrap mod and it works fine, i can over hop .30's with the stock valve inside. I painted 1 notch on the dial so i know where the hop up resets. With the shrink wrap mod, i'm usually using the 3 or 4th highest setting for the hop up to keep the bb's flying straight, anything over that my bb's shoot straight up.


What could also effect hop up is the type of lube we (kjw users) are using in our piston cup. If you are using silicone spray and its getting blown out of the nozzle all over your hop up, your hop up isn't going to be that consistency due to the slick oily surface. Whereas if you are using maybe thick grease it has a tendency to stay in the cup more and less on the hop up. Just another thought.

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I was told that the KJW is the best out of the box GBBR. But it seems that it still needs upgrades and mods to perform well. My poor wallet :(

How long do you think a KJW will last completely stock with no mods? I need to raise my funds before buying some upgrades.


My estimated round count is now about 10000/2 bags++ and its all stock parts with an addition of Cradle's buffer extension. Don't worry about it. Just get teh gun and start playing!!

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Not that I know of. I think he is away for work for a while. You could PM him and ask him if its coming along...


Does anyone have interest in getting one of these lightweight complete bolt carriers I had showcased last month? For summer use they give insane ROF but I think the application to use them during the winter months makes more sense.


Im adding the final revision to my next batch of prototyping (along with the mags) and wanted to get an idea of demand. Ill post up video of testing when I get it back. A quick overview of the features:


-Revised length so no carrier extension is required

-Piston is integrated into carrier and uses the x-ring design.

-Infinitely adjustable NPAS system integrated into carrier (unlike both the original Cradle design and RA-Techs design). This is still a simple and robust system.

-Adjustable carrier weight via snap-in weights


Material is Glass Filled Nylon directly manufactured from digital data via a laser sintering system. Produces a rigid, durable part.


I will post picstures and video soon, but wanted to get any idea of any potential interest now.

EDIT: Ballpark price is $90

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