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Thats what has frustrated me most about the WA platform rifles. Every replacement part out that is ridiculously priced considering three main things:


1. Little to no R&D costs associated with its development (as many are copies of existing products)

2. Poor materials & manufacturing

3. Usually don't last.


Its about time people make some quality goods at a price that reflects their time investment, material and manufacturing investment, and the profit to continue business. There are some, but not a ton.


Im not too interested in making much stuff that is being sold by other manufacturers. The market is pretty saturated with cosmetic goodies. But if its a KJW specific part or a new concept, or solves a design problem, Im into that.



To stay on topic of KJW rifles specifically:

Has anyone noticed the weight in their carrier scooting forward at all?

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vertical grips cause the bbs to drop down faster defeating the purpose of a houpup. red dots make u go blind, for everyone u hit it takes away a min of vision so it makes u accurate out of fear. T

Yeah man, we pretty much get it. There's no need to post 20 times about how bad your KJW is. Now, can you please go ahead and delete your account?

News Update: We are back to working on our KJW BCGs. I think we should have a production level prototype finished within the next 10 days so keep your eyes peeled. For those who may have missed th

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Lol I prolly should have mentioned this, yesterday I tried putting more bb's in than 30 and it also held 38. So these mags apparently do hold more ammo than advertised. Oh and T hum, I would be interested in a forged receiver down the road as well.

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Dude! I think I sent you a PM with regard to that. Or was it a text message to Raven1. Hmmm...lol...


I just had to find out for myself :lol:


I have 4 magazines are coming in. I should have them next week along with my KWA MP7. :P


I am pretty impressed with it so far.



Has anyone measured the exact length of the inner barrel?

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Oh lol! I should prolly check my IM box then lol! I have not taken the inner barrel out completely yet, but from what everyone tells me, its pretty darn short. Im getting typical AEG range and accuracy with it, BUT, it a full sized tight bore, I think it would a Hotness Monster.

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The barrel length is probably a good 250mm. Its definitely shorter than 300mm.


You might want to check your inner barrel as there is no o-ring holding it in place as there should. The inner barrel floats/ rattles around because its unsupported. That should help with the accuracy.


A softer spring would really be helpful for use with duster gas.

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To t_hum


I am in for the forged reciever if you do make them.


and here are some product suggestions.


1. ambi mag release

2. ambi fire selector

3. tactical charge handle latch

4. reinforced part #15 shell

5. one piece buffer tube

6. something similar to magpul BAD lever

7. trigger hammer? like this





All the parts are made here in house. If I'm out of stock on something, I will make it on the spot. I won't ever really be "out of stock" technically.


As far as receivers go there is a lot of legal stuff to deal with once you start getting into trademarks and licensing. Im not quite at that point yet. Im really trying to judge demand and get some technical stuff figured out to determine if its worth my while to do the research into licensing and production, as forging isn't something I'm doing here in house. I need to subcontract that kind of work out (to a local machine shop mind you, so still made in the USA).

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Right now Im more concerned with the receiver itself rather than the bits that get attached to it. With limited resources Im forced to focus on the most desired items first and work towards the smaller stuff.


Well I would definitely be interested in a forged receiver. Its the only part of the rifle that doesn't feel super strong.



Can someone list for me the recall parts? KJW is sending me the parts, but I have no clue what the #### they are.

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Thanks Treb.


By the way guys, today I installed a Norgon Ambi Mag Catch on my KJ M4. It fits perfectly, and feels nice with the real steel mag catch spring (stiffer). If you're willing to down $100+ on one, they work flawlessly.

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Right now Im more concerned with the receiver itself rather than the bits that get attached to it. With limited resources Im forced to focus on the most desired items first and work towards the smaller stuff.



I am watching this wilh interest t_hum, the only thing putting me gettibg a KJW M4 is the problems with the recievers splitting at the hinging point.

Until this is solved either by your stamped reciever or proven to be just a production fault in a limited batch of rifles, im holding off!


Also t_hum, would your stamped reciever be allowed to be exported to the UK? There are very strict laws here regarding importation of "Firearm parts" and as your reciever will be stamped and (i presume) very similar in construction to the RS recievers, will there be enough differences from the RS recievers to make yours impossible to be converted to RS use and thus ok for UK import?


I hope so as i want a useable GBBR and the KJWorks is ticking all the boxes... bar one, your stamped reciever and FPS adjuster could tick that last box thats preventing me from buying one! Good job fella!!!!!


Lastly, Thanks Raven, t_hum and everyone else that has contributed to this thread. You have stopped me buying a AGM M4 GBBR "lemon" ... Phew!... Thanks guys!


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I just measured the inner barrel.


Its only 250mm long....An MP5 inner barrel is 225, a P90 inner barrel is 247mm.


At 247mm, the gun generates 460 FPS. Just imagine how hard it will be shooting with an extra 120mm's worth of barrel with a full length M4 barrel!



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The forged receiver is a huge undertaking and one that I wouldn't bank on happening for a while. The amount of R&D for something like that is very large. Having said that, dont let the body issue keep you from buying one. I honestly don't see that as a deal breaker considering how great the rest of the platform is.


To answer the question about export: Im working on the legality stuff but I will tell you this, the forging would bt cut to accept the KJW trigger parts and so on. The inside dimensions of the receiver and fire control pocket WILL NOT ACCEPT RS PARTS. If I can't acheive this I will not, ever, sell them to anybody anywhere. Prison, no doubt, sucks. Also, if the KJW receiver is not to RS spec externally, I cant do receivers. Im working on taking those measurements.




Velocity reducer testing is complete guys. It works exactly as we intended. However, during testing we found an opportunity to make the units adjustable. Our testing was done at 75 degrees F. Results showed that the Green (low fps) reducer gave us 340FPS w/.20g bbs. The Red (high fps) adjuster gave us 395FPS w/.20g bbs. While these numbers are great they are only at one temperature. On a hot day these numbers would be higher, rendering the gun unskirmishable. We have made an alteration to the design which allows the velocity to be dropped by up to 50 FPS in increments. The illustration below shows how the velocity windows theoretically work.




There are additional parts to be made but under the previous design adjustability wasn't possible meaning you could be turned away on a hot day or be shooting too low to be effective on a cold day. This revision will add a week or two the the availability date. I apologize for that but I think we can all agree that the new system's flexibility will be a huge improvement in functionality. I have also decided not to ship o-ring pistons early as there are a large number of people who want both and would have to pay for shipping twice.


The website is address is www.cradleairsoft.com . Right now the site is being modified so you wont get past the construction page.

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Be advised I have begun reliability testing of the piston design and will be beating the hellz out of the gun yet again. I will report back on performance as I usually do and will install and be using the new piston exclusively from this point forward.


I am very happy about how well the velocity reducer performed! As t_hum stated the reducer in its current form is done and ready to go. However there are some fine tuning adjustments that can be quickly added to account for the change in temperature and yet still keep you with in field FPS regs.


Check the thread tomorrow for a full report and I'd also like to mention that "SacAirsoftSnoopy" is a kewl Sum Beotch and is also a wealth of knowledge, me, I'm happy Snoopy's on here now to take some of the load off all the questions I get!


Having said that, GBBRs are a Big Investment - If You Have Any Questions Regrading the KJW M4 Feel Free To Ask,,,,Just that now you can also ask Snoopy, Ha Sucka!

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T_hum - Thanks for the update. I agree that the small problem the receiver shouldn't be enough for anyone to not buy a KJ M4.


If people take extra care when taking the top receiver off during maintenance, it should be fine. I've taken my M4 apart more over 20 times and no sign of it breaking anytime soon. It could also be because of my low round count.


Raven1, have you had any reciever issues?

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I feel your love Raven1 :lol:


As much as I do not like single point slings, I am running one on my KJ as I don't want any cracked upper receiver tabs.


If anyone is switching out the front end, I highly suggest taking the upper off of the receiver and using the carry handle to grab on for better torque....if the person does not have a clamp to hold the receiver to secure the upper receiver in place. This way, the front tabs on the upper receiver doesn't suffer excessive stress from tightening the barrel nut.



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