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SVD Dragunov Picture Thread

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i held a CA SVD today, took the topcover off & the gearbox looks like a TM m14 gearbox


anyway here's the pics i took


Manual, would confirm that the GB loks like the TM m14

I saw a dissasembly of one on youtube. It does resemble the TM M14 gearbox a bit, but in no way is the same. It uses SR25 gearbox parts. The cylinder, gears and piston are all the same as the extended V.2 found in CA, A&K, and G&P SR25s. I think its a pretty cool feature since those gears are great for torque, with running a high rated spring its one less thing to replace since the gears are almost always the most expensive. (If you already knew that, my bad. :D lol)


Looks like an awesome gun. I came close to buying one, but settled for a PSG1. :D


So, hows the performance on that CA SVD? I heard the hop-up is insanly nice.

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Aren't you thinking of the Real Sword SVD? It's partially built from RS parts.


And if I'm not mistaken there actually is a G&P hop-up set for their SVD.


The G&P is built with several Real Steel PLA-copy SVD parts.


The Real Sword is NOT built with Real Steel parts - but the components are made in a subdivision of NORINCO - the Real Steel manufacturer - to the same standards as Real Steel parts (although they are only intended for airsoft replicas and are as such designed completely differently inside).


Hope that clears things up a bit.

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I know I'll probably get flamed for this, but does anyone see the JG SVD as a good thing, because it allows you to swap mags with your AK-using teammates?


no, since (even though it's in no way an SVD replica) the SVD doesnt use AK mags. so frankly, where's the point?


also, why not, you know, buy your own mags :P

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