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TM FN Five-seveN GBB

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Eh, I just can't see myself owning a pistol whose real caliber is smaller than the airsoft caliber.... :{

Credit... card... trick. I'm gonna cry myself to sleep tonight.

Of course I won't use an M4! What an abomination of a rifle!   If it's anything less than .30 caliber, I don't care about it!

Different pistols have different designs. My TM, as well as my Marushin has no larger a gap than is on the real one. Unless the one you saw does not look like any of the others in this thread or the FN picture thread I fail to see how it is an issue. If the gap is larger than the others you see pictured then the slide was seated incorrectly but I don't think it could function properly with the slide seated incorrectly.

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On the Marui 5-7, the guide rails on the BBU are separate pieces that are pegged at the front and screwed at the back. Due to excessive recoil with green gas, this is another part that fails: the pegs sheer off. The screws are still held fast but the effect is a slight tilting motion of the guide rails. When the slide is forward and in battery, there is no noticeable difference (and will not affect accuracy). But with the slide locked at the rear and with the slide lock pushing it up, the gap is more pronounced by about 0.5mm.

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I don't find the gas efficiency of the five seven to be very good. The only reason you get so many shots per fill is because of the huge size of the magazines (i.e. it still uses a lot of gas per shot). I usually get 60-80 shots per fill


Compared to my S7 USP, which has a smaller mag, I can get up to 150 shots off of 1 fill of propane (yes really, I repeated the test several times, 1 fill of gas left to heat to room temperature, mixed rate of fire, reloading BBs as fast as I could between magazines and not heating the magazine between BB refills, got 110-150 shots per fill).


So long story short, you get a lot of shots per fill on the Five Seven, but the efficiency isn't brilliant.

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Or (mass of magazine after filling with gas) - (mass of empty magazine)/number of shots fired from gas fill = average mass of gas used per shot.


I'd give it a go, but I don't have any precise scales available.


Also, the USP also kicks very hard, and has a metal slide :P

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I am very satisfied with how many shots I get from the mags....really impressed actually. Also, do you guys have pics of the problems with the sites you are talking about? I'm not sure I understand. I was just inspecting my 5-7 to keep an eye out for such issues. thanx.



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First major failure I've had - the front part of the Guarder slide is about to blow itself off. Pictures once I stop being so lazy to pull out my pistol XD. I'm going to try and secure it tonight with some RTV silicone sealant, but, seriously, Guarder, WTH? Can you not make something that's NOT ######?


EDIT: Pictures.








I decided to wash the slide completely and disassemble it for fixing with sealant. After I washed it I found it had cracked along the front as well (similar to renegadecow's):






I'm sorry, but Prometheus needs to come out and make a frame for this pistol - it's a really BA gun, but the fact the external support is almost only done by Guarder is just too much fail.

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I dunno, the stock inner slide in mine is still perfect despite having split both the stock slide and Guarder one. But I haven't been having any more problems since the staple. My only reasoning would be since the stock inner slide is plastic, it can absorb some of the shock from the recoil. And when you have the metal inner slide on, most of the shock is transferred to the slide with the metal being inelastic.

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I went ahead and swapped back to my TM slide w/ the plastic inner...omg the blowback feels wimpy now LOL. But renegade you make a point - I can see why that would cause the front of the slide to blow off.


I don't care that the RS 5-7 doesn't have it, but I want a metal slide for this thing.

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