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TM FN Five-seveN GBB

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I skirmished my Five seveN for the first time tonight.


It rocked.


In cool temp tunnels underground, on green gas, it was snappy, tight, had great recoil and shot very straight. I think it's the closest thing i've ever got to real gun shooting in airsoft, yet. Obviously the kick isn't 9mm hard, but it's HARD for airsoft. And the gas cloud was hella cool.


I applied a little silicon oil to the magazine spring and worked the spring a few times after i got a couple of stoppages where the BB hadn't been pushed right up. No problems after the lubing.


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Eh, I just can't see myself owning a pistol whose real caliber is smaller than the airsoft caliber.... :{

Credit... card... trick. I'm gonna cry myself to sleep tonight.

Of course I won't use an M4! What an abomination of a rifle!   If it's anything less than .30 caliber, I don't care about it!

I went to an op and used it after my M60 went down.


Let's just say... a lot of "Russians" got to "enjoy" TM's new pistol. :D


It's really excellent, Range is tremendous and accuracy is more than passable. Using propane, I get about 40~50 shots to a fill. I would think that 134a would get you a true 3 reloads. These mags are LARGE, fellows.

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Im still have problems with the slide no locking back.

I find it works when you use the mag first time, but if you re-fill the BB`s and shoot again it wont lock back.


Good thing is Im getting just over 3 reloads to one fill of gas. :)


EDIT: Nevermind figured it out, the mag was getting pretty cold, warmed it up by holding it between my legs for a minute or two and it locks fine again after.

I can now see why Green might be preferable at the moment.

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Just got mine and a couple of spare magazines. Was worth the wait for a good one. Accuracy was quite good with .25's and I'm going to leave it that way.


Usual TM build quality-very very good. Sights were dead on. Nice trigger-no creap and not as light as on my TM MEU. Magazine has a large gas resevoir and is good on the gas usage. Blow-back is OK, but as I shoot real steel, none of these pistols ever come close anyway.


Nice looking pistol. It's different looking and not all about as yet. My M3 light makes it look pretty cool. Controls are reachable without any problem (my 12 year old can manage pretty well and I have large hands and no problems with a Desert Eagle, so the Five Sevens not going to be a problem).


New CQB arena opening in my area (Worcester, MA) and a big one at that. The Five Sevens going to get a work out pretty soon.

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Just got off the phone with HSGI, they don't have a pouch that will fit it (except the DE pouch) but if I give them the dimensions they will cut one for me, so I'm probably going to go that route as I found out their manufacturing plant isn't to far away from me.


I went ahead and ordered one so we'll see if they fit in the regular HSGI doubles as I have plenty of those around.

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Five seveN mags fit snugly in HSGI double stack/double single stack pistol mag pouches.


Just got mine in from Ehobby, ordered on OCT 6th was here yesterday, but I had to get it from the post office.


I'm thinking of putting a Xiphos clone on it, was gonna see if I could mod it to be a little grenade launcher like in BSG using Tanaka m870 shells, it would be even better if BHI released a light bearing holster for the 5-7 and the xiphos.

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For the UK guys; where are you picking your 5-7s up from, or are you importing?

Got mine from Airsoft Armory last week.


Finally got to give it a bit of range time today.


Very pleased. Unfortunately the range is only 50m long. Not a problem usually but in this case, I reckon it would have been nice to have another 20m, just to see. :D


Set up an A4 piece of paper at the 50m point & hit it 22 times out of 25 (1 mag), not bad. Used green gas & Guarder hpm .28's. Chronoed between 330 & 315 with blaster .2's.


Trigger pull is positive, but not as crisp as a Marui Glock 17.


Blow back is more of a thump than the crack of a Marui Glock 17 or hi-cap 4.3. More like a Deagle or a 5.1.


This results in a relatively slow r.o.f. I reckon I could get about 5 shots out of a 17 for every 4 from a 5/7.


That said, it is as accurate as a 17 over 50m & I would like to see it over a greater distance. The extra 40fps (compared to the 17's 280fps) should see it have better range.


Over all, very pleased. Crickey them mags are big. :(




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By the way: Everyone interested in a hard shell/Kydex holster for Fiveseven. At the moment I know three options:


• Blackhawk Serpa (own it myself, nice fit for the Marui 5-7)

• Blade-tech Duty holster

• and recently found: Fobus Roto (so as flexible and attachable system as Serpa)



Haven't checked on Safariland yet, but they also should offer holsters for the USG. And as Fobus offers holsters for USG so should the new IMI Defense holster line (Fobus with Serpa like trigger savety system: http://www.imidefense.com/).

So quite some options here for hard shell holsters. Cordura-Holsters should also offer some options.

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