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1st Aid Kit picture thread

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I realize this by far does not apply to alot of people, but there's always those few of us that wants to be prepared, just in case the fecies should hit the proverbial fan.This thread is a place for us to compare gear, share points of views and tips, and if you fancy; just show off.


My current FAK:


It is largely based around a commercially bought 1st aid kit from Lifesystems, which holds just the very basics you need for a stroll (or firefight) in the woods.


(clicky for larger pictures)










- Various chemlights (different colors, lifespans and IR)

- EMT shears

- Lifesystems TREK basic 1st aid kit

- Various dressings and bandages

- Sterilizing wipes

- Vinyl examination gloves

- Blister band-aids

- Band-aid strips for closing cuts/deeper wounds

- Scissors

- Adhesive tape

- Tweezers

- Safety pins

- Ear Plugs (hearing protection)

- Pamphlet containing instructions for various 1st aid techniques etc



And now it's your turn...

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The 5.11 Molle First Aid pouch is the best I've seen for field carry. Fit's nicely on the side panel of most plate carriers. Can go on your back but you loose valuable time taking the vest off to get to it if your first responder with no one else around to access it for you.


Make sure you add eye wash to your first aid kit. Exploding grenade fragments and shattered BB's through mesh goggles/specs is a regular occurance in my experience. Also a heat reflective foil space/hyperthermia blanket could well save a life if someone goes in to shock. Asprin will also help you and your team mates enjoy the game for longer.



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-Angel- it really is. A great basic kit, cost me about £18 though... The larger one (which is also great by the looks of it) was up around £30...

Nevertheless, I'd definitely pick one up.

/EDIT: be advised though, you do not get the sexy EMT shears with that kit :P


CharlieQB: As there's a ban on mesh eye-pro here, and we do not use exploding grenades, we really do not have such problems, but it's a good idea nevertheless, I'll see what we have in the cabinet :)


Agent Hunk: super glue goes in the GP-pouch and/or tool kit

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I second the super glue in the first aid kit idea.


Very handy way of sealing cuts fast, stings like a son of a gun though...


I also use it to reattatch my front crown when it falls out.


I alway keep a field dressing on my kit as well because it can be used for a lot situations.


Micropore tape is good for those alergic to plasters,


a feverscan thermometer (flexible- hold on the forehead type thing) can be handy.


also tweezers and a small magnifying glass are often overlooked.





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This is what I usually carry in my left leg pocket:




- 1 EA German military dressing

- 1 EA triangular bandage

- 1 ES trauma shears

- 2 EA elastic bandages

- 2 EA 10x10cm dressing pads

- 1 EA 60x80cm dressing

- 1 EA blue chem light

- 1 EA od/silver casualty blanket

- 2 PR nitrile gloves


It's a bit old school, but since the IFAK is meant to be used on me and others might not have the training to apply Israeli combat bandages etc., that's what I wanted.

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i carry 2 small ones in my PLCE webbing. its basically just blister kits, but ive got some bandages and a sling, some tape etc, for patching up bigger stuff. seeing your (all of you) i might have to upscale mine.


ill take some pics, but they arent very special- they are based of kits i bought in a pound shop :P

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Still don't see space blankets in these kits?


I know of someone who died from shock after an motorcycle accident, might have been avoided if one of these was available. These cost and weigh virtually nothing and will take up very little space in your kit.



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Well, there's not much thinking to it.

The red scissors came with the commercial 1st aid kit and I couldn't be arsed to toss it, so I just stuck the EMT shears behind the Commercial FAK pouch and was done with it.

And thanks for the tip on the resusci-aid, I'll look into that.


As for the space blankets, I do appreciate your incentive, but I firmly belive that my Jerven Thermo Hunter (which also includes a rescue flag, yay) will be sufficient for such purposes if necessary, and when I'm out and about, it pretty much always comes with, so meh, I don't really see the need to get a space blanket.

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Here's my fair share of medical supplies...

Full Collection:


In Game "IFAK":



The "Big Daddy" Pack I carry everywhere:



The so-called "IFAK" is just something I took from the Audi medical pack just before we returned it plus some other goodies I thought would be useful. :P


Oh and tampons aren't just for girls anymore ;)



This is the result of a massive nose bleed due to playing chicken in the pool.



PS. Here's some pics of the "Big Daddy" pack being used after a game when a friend went down due to his knee failing(fluid build-up caused it to lock temperarily):






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A foil blanket is handy to have on you- for most folk the first aid kit you carry will never get used and even if it does it'll mostly get used on you, wouldn't it be fun to disable a leg and find out now you get to lie on the ground cold and wet for a while cos the marshals are "airsofting not climbing" for the sake of something you can get in asda for about a quid? ;)


If you've done any first aid coarse, you'll know what should be in your kit in that regard, if you haven't done one try to get yourself on a basicone with st andrews or st johns etc, about three hours and £20 is the norm, but till you've done one you really should only carry stuff for you or you might end up doing more harm than good. I'm not saying don't try to help, just not to try something you've never been trained to do unless its the very last resort.


What you should have in a personal kit is:


Your Meds if you take any or have alergies.

plasters/tape and pads you know you're not allergic to and super glue if you prefer that- that is not an OR its an AND SG works great on cuts that aren't bleeding too much and have a flap of skin to bond back together but if you're dealing with a graze getting the stuff to dry into a crust without glueing twigs or clothes etc to yourself it is a PITA and even then you'll probably have stuff stuck in the skin you won't want glued in, just stick a plaster or pad on till you can get back to the safe zone/home etc to clean it properly.

vinyl gloves espesially if you're alergic to latex- some first aiders might still have the old latex gloves in their kit and even if your allergy is minor those gloves are going were you're hurt then the wound will be dressed, and it will itch like hell.


IMO, that's all you need, you might want a blanket and a triangular bandage if you want to be sure, but mostly everything else the site first aiders will be carrying, and besides which almost everything else you'll need to get help with- it is possible to tie a knot behind your head one handed with a broken shoulder, but it is so not fun.


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A foil blanket is handy to have on you- for most folk the first aid kit you carry will never get used and even if it does it'll mostly get used on you, wouldn't it be fun to disable a leg and find out now you get to lie on the ground cold and wet for a while cos the marshals are "airsofting not climbing" for the sake of something you can get in asda for about a quid? ;)

I'd like to think every legitimate site in the country has a first aider and a medical kit to hand. I don't believe its up to any individual to carry or use that sort of thing unless sanctioned/required to do so. As you say, most people won't use thier kit at all, and when they do, only on themselves. Even stuff like EMT shears is a bit OTT, considering the most a non-qualified player would treat on site is a cut.

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Its a have-and-not-need thing and c'mon sanctioned to use a blanket ? tongue.gif The shears though a lot of sites won't even let you take em out and personally every time I see someone jam a pair into molle loops I wonder how long it takes you to bleed out from a 3 inch slash in your gut...

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I'm not saying its like giving someone an IV or splinting a broken leg, just that it isn't anyones business but the site's first aider to be messing with a downed player.


Charlie was implying it was a absolute neccesity because people can die without one.

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In the UK the site's designated first aiders (as well as paramedics and firemen I believe- I'm neither so I don't know for sure)are legally obliged to help, anyone else with training is morally obliged to help anyone without training may feel compelled to help. What that means is if you don't help and belong to the first group you can face prosecution, the second a civil suit and the third will probably feel really bad. :mellow:


The blanket I wouldn't say is a vital part of personal kit, but it won't hurt- you can't fall on it and puncture a lung or tear a rotator cuff (thanks again academy L85!^_^).

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