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Photoshop and you!

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Stuntman the picture with you and the helo's is awesome! Is that a real location you play at in the background, or just Photo-Shopped in?


Got it... with the Black Hawks? It's a real p'lace, a Dam near my city:






We even got there a rail road line and bridge:





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All photos that we take it's to be showed on portuguese foruns and websites, so the red/yellow fluorescent law obligation it's allways present, to avoid... let me say... some stupid problems.


We made a big game fullfilling the law and we didn't notice big problmes ont that... but we're fighthing to ban paint!!!



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I know is not so Airsoft related, but what the hey.

Took the picture the same day I did the other one with the glock so here goes....

Kudos if you see some of the details that I edited with Photoshop. I'll give you one hint: I added my wife somewhere.


..... More as I produce them....


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Romeo: the brushwork you did on the wall in background is pretty horrible, try to pick up some wall texture from a clean spot and go over the places you brushed so it blends better, I can see ALL of your 'seams' (use the tool that looks like a little baindaid called healing brush tool)


option click a spot of wall with wall texture and then paint over your brushed up wall sections so the color isn't flat.

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