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Some more photos with the extras:

Banged a few more mags through it recently and still the hinge plate is holding. i will probably order a couple of spares though just in case!

how long is that suppressor my friend? in millimeters please.


man, i wish someone would come out with short mags in both CO2 and green gas.

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Cant find HK on google, could you post a link please?

it seems that the nozzle and the rod are glued. what can be the safest way to unscrew this?   thanks in advance

Is the buffer you speak anything like this ?  

Posted Images

I'd highly recommend it. The mods being done seems relatively cheap and not too difficult. Mines still in one piece but thats because I don't have much time to use it lately.


For anyone who fired an inokatsu GBB and the WE SCAR, how do they compare? I've been watching youtube vids on GBBRs and it looks like the inokatsu is the only GBBR that delivers the same amount of recoil as the WE SCAR. All the others look pretty.... pathetic. :whistling:

listening to people and watching videos about the blowback isnt going to help much. the best way is to get one off your friends and feel it yourself. not everyone is the same

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anyone know how i can increase the accuracy of my scar?

Its really off!.


being the fact that the barrel is already a really precise 6.02 and the hop ups not gettng any better, try using heavy BBs, like .27+ grams. if that doesnt work, contact EdGi and order a 6.01 barrel. thats about all you can do.


my plan is to get a M16 length 6.01 and hide it with a suppressor.


using heavy BBs is something you should always do, but yours could be a lemon hop. take your barrel out and check the hop up rubber. it could be malformed.

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the NPAS has the convenience to adjust the FPS of your rifle with the turn of a screw. you can play an out door game with a 450 FPS rifle one hour and switch to playing a 325 fps CQB game another hour without as much as removing the bolt.


its just convenience, like a TV remote. you dont need one, but its nice and in your comfort zone.


when it comes to home brew mods, its usually permanent and crude.

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@cis_destiny: you are wrong. I've tried putting a nut and a counter-nut on the thread, but it kept getting loose by the shocks the nozzle gets from each shot. Loctite is pretty useless, as it makes the system not adjustable.


Because I go playing tomorrow, and haven't received my NPAS yet, I am using a fixed-length tube to get it down to 340fps. However, this is quite unstable, and sometime causes the FPS to drop to <150fps. I don't know if you have tried, but the margin for regulating the nozzle is very small. Decreasing the tube length by only 0.1mm can increase the FPS by 30fps!!!


Anyway, I'm sure the RA-Tech will be worth it's $40. If it is not, you'll hear from me.



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Just installed NPAS in my SCAR and in my M4. Simple installation of course and the results were the expected. I have adjusted both guns at 410 fps and test fired a mag in each of them. Fps variations were at a logical plus-minus 7. I am curious if this stability is going to remain with the recoil forces-shock of a day long skirmish which i am going to play in a few days. I am going to keep you informed.


p.s. The nozzle head is the same in both scar and m4 so i ordered 2xNPAS kits and installed the valve in my m4 rod.

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Mine's still working fine and I was one of the first to get it. Who knows how much mag's been through it already. Original stock plate still hasn't broken..


Added some rail covers and a new flash hider. I didn't want to bother ordering the proper SCAR flash hider so I just got w/e my local shop had. It was glued on so it needed a blowtorch. Yes, the "flower" flashhider. :P



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No, you can screw of the nozzle (beware: it can be fixed very hard with loctite) of the guiding rod and remove it.


And indeed, the installation should be pretty straight-forward... if only RA-Tech would ship mine :rolleyes:


I've got mine down to 300-330fps with .2gr. With .25gr, I had to dial in my hop-up quite a bit, so I am hoping that the hop will function fine with .2gr too.


I have used my SCAR on 2 CQB skirms, in the first, the SCAR was spitting BB's 5m after about 10 mags. After adjusting my "FPS reducer", the SCAR shot every BB without a problem.


I hope that the NPAS from RA-Tech will make it a bit more consitent, making the grouping better.

I don't know about the hop-up rubber... it now shoots pretty flat, but the BB's go to the right quite badly.

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