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Beretta Picture Thread

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..and now for something a bit different. No fancy grips or metal body kits here (much as I'd like them).. just the Double Eagle AEP, an Insight M3 and a Safariland holster. My only wish is that there was a lanyard loop on this thing.



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TM Tac Master I was commissioned to pimp.


Lot of time sanding and polishing there!


Compensator and Metal Outer barrel were taken from a full metal KJW Beretta, then all the metal work (Barrel, Compensator, sights, hammer, trigger, slide lock, etc) was worked by hand to a highly polished finish before lacquering.








It was also given a damned good clean up and overhaul, the blow back mech had been pretty shagged after much use...

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I have a few question i was hoping some of you Beretta maniacs could aswer :P


I want to buy the new KSC/KWA System 7 full metall M93R, do some power uppgrades and put the G&G compensator and metal barrel on it, so the question is what (if anything) will fit?


The things i want to do with it are:


*Fit it with a metal barrel and the G&G compensator (Item NO: GG-KIT-G06025 on WGC)


*Upgrade the power, i was thinking the usual High Flow magazine valve, harder recoil spring (if neccesary) and possibly harder hammer spring aswell (any other upgrade suggestions?).


Is any of this possible to do on the system 7 M93R or will i have to buy a older M93R II gun?


Thanks in advance.

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Tokyo Marui M92 Military

Guarder Aluminum M9 Military Slide and Frame (Dark Grey)

Guarder Steel Outer Barrel

Guarder Steel Spring Guide

Guarder Steel Lanyard Ring

Guarder Steel Main Spring Housing

Guarder Steel Magazine Catch

Guarder Slide Catch Spring

Guarder 150% Hammer Spring

King Arms Trigger Spring

King Arms Blowback Springs

King Arms Trigger Bar Spring

PDI 6.01mm Tightbore Inner Barrel

PDI Winter Piston Head

Beretta Factory Grips

Beretta Factory Recoil Spring

KJW CO2 Magazines

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I blew up my first slide but Intrudershop was kind enough to send a replacement. This time I installed a rubber buffer on the front of the outer barrel where it hits the slide on each stroke. With any luck there won't be another explosion.

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Been pistol less for the past couple of months and decided to get this nice piece of equipment


HFC M190 "Biohazard Edition"



You really can't beat $130 shipped for a full metal M9 with a spare mag. This thing gets the same range as my Tm 1911 did with a KM 6.04 TB.

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I haven't posted in two years. I feel like I've been locked up in a cryogenic chamber.


Anyways, I'm getting back into airsoft and I'm greatly interested in the KSC M9 System 7. Since I have no idea about anything anymore, what are the good brands to look for threaded barrels?


I have a suppressor-fetish.

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