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FAMAS Picture Thread

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well suposedly theres a big feild opening up in NJ sometime soon and one of their rules is no hicaps, so i bought 8 MAG midcaps cheap and used, but the opening of the feild has been delayed so many times, im in no rush to cut them up, especially since the owner of the feild hasnt been on hi own forums in overa month. starting to lose faith in it so i may end up not doing it and selling them off but if i do convert thhem with success ill be bying some vietnam ones down the line.

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Was bored and without the internet for a few hours and I decided to have a go at some Famas varients. Ignoring the amatuer paint ability I don't think they came out too badly and I'm very tempted to try one or two... I understand that a G36c top rail is hardly original, but what about a VN style M16 mag'? Could those work using the same method as fitting a standard M series mag'?

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I'm rather liking the idea of a CQB'ish Famas...


How would I go about replacing the carry handle with a G36c top rail, and would it be best to fill the gap between the body and the handle with something or could I leave it open without fear of it snaping?


If it has to be filled, what sort of product should I use?


Oh, and how would I shorten the outer barrel and move the flash hider so it sits on the body?

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with brute force.


step 1) cut the famas carry handle off with a hack saw and file the remaining bits down till you have a flat top, something like this:


(dont mind the barrel, this is the only pic i have of this stage)


step 2) atach the rail in any manner you see fit, crazy glue, epoxy, i used 5200 marine sealant witch worked pretty well, but after a while i wanted something more solid and created a way for me to bolt it on using the pre exsisting bolts in the g36 top rail...youl figure something out.


then you can do w/e you want with the barrel, the outer barrel peice comes off pretty easily and you can hacksaw that peice and figure something out with that, then you just need to buy a shorter inner barrel or cut your exsisting one.


my outer barrel now is just that, i hacksawed the outer barrel down about half way then wrapped it in duct tape and electrical tape then slid a bike peg over that to give it an sd look, its just held on their with friction, its the same way the one in the above picture was atached over a year ago, here is some pics of it now:





(i realize theyr reposts but i just want to call atention to the method used.



im sure if you browse through all the pages of this thread youl get some inspiration.

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created a new sling system today. mostly did it because i noticed this weekend that if i wore my sling over my gear then i had to take it off and put my gun down to take my back pack off to get at my ammo, food or tools. or if i put my sling under all my gear than i would have to take my pack off if i ever wanted to put my gun down.


so this new setup alows me to wear the sling under my gear and still put down the gun since its atached by a clip. its also more comfortable than the old one and holds the rifle but closer to my shoulder.








oh yea, and a new paint job : )

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first you use a dremel to make the mag well big enough in the back to fit or mod your mags so their not so big in the back.


then use a hack saw to cut a notch where the famas mag latch lands


then line the sides of the mag well with tape to make it thinner and hold the mags more snug


then fine tune.

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as long as you dont do repairs...



What are you talking about?


Yes, the TM FAMAS is very noob-friendly, as it is basically indestructible in its stock form. Basically, it will keep on shooting as long as you keep on feeding it BB's.




There are the twins.



(Excuse the kid's clothes, I just dumped the guns on the bed in the spare room to take that picture)

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actualy joe, as far as gearbox work goes i feel that the famas is more user friendly than any other gun because of how easy the gearbox comes out and how big it is, the gearbox is so big it leaves room for your clumsy noobish fingers and since the trigger isnt housed in the gearbox theres less finicky parts inside to worry about when closing up.


and walther...thats awesome. any internal stuff?

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i dont get it and i dont think im suposed to.


but on another note its been deicided. im adding an m203 to the botom of my purchase list for my famas. maybe one of those mini moscart launchers? any opninions?


the list as of now:

internals for famas- promy toque ups, m130 spring, poly carb piston+head, metal bushings.

safariland 6004 for 1911


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Been thinking a lot harder about my Famas project, and I really can't part with my TM SV. I've decided to pick up an F1 and I was wondering, could I swap the uppers around so that I get the SV's sling loops onto the F1's body and vice versa? Will I need to do any mod'ing to either of the uppers to make them fit?

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@thantos: the uppers are an identicle fit but the bipod from the F1 and the sling loops from the SV are interchangable between the uppers and that would proboby be less work. just pull the handguard off and use a wrench to unscrew both of them. you find that the fitting under the sling loops is identicle to the fitting under the bipod.


@tatertot: such an original post. maybe when G&G comes out with theirs this year you should pick one up, but who knows when that will be? and who knows if it will even compare to the tm? and at what price? the suspense is killing me.

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Whey! The old thread has been revived!


And I just ordered some more milliput and krylon........





Oh and a tip. Shotguns are too long for the underside of a SV without extensive work.


Another tip, King Arms VN midcaps are rubbish and don't like to feed.



So we move onto another mag solution


Any ideas for something crazy? I'm tempted to see if the Type 89 mags look good, but thats just not crazy.

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