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FAMAS Picture Thread

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Heh, that's the trick!


The protruding side of the receiver hides the point where the suppressor meets the body, meaning that the suppressor is basically exacty what you can see there.


This keeps the entire hand grip stil usable for batteries, meaning I'm running 9.6V 2700-3000MAh NiMHs :D


Certainly gives this stock internal gun the ROF to keep heads down!

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Ahh see the suppressor I use (while being much too fat) extends in, therefore meaning I either run a stick battery in the G36 rail or I do my current project and create a sort of 'Crane stock' affect on the rear end.


Pics should be up on Airsoft Builds by the end of the week as I kind of want to neaten everything up a bit before I take some photos.



But as this is a picture thread, here's a crappy picture (actually meant to be of my slightly browncoats/scifi inspired loadout) but there really was only one choice of gun to use!


Wings :detective2:

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does the FAMAS in Rl have a metal body? also how is the gearbox in the TM one?


the tm gearbox shell itself is bomb proof. its slightly longer than a v2 or 3 gear box though so the same spring wont generate as much fps in it. the parts inside are all standard tm quality.

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For reference I've found (with a standard Famas tightbore and cylinder) that a M105 spring will get you ~350fps and a M100 ~340

Oh and the standard gears have one of the fastest gear ratios (incl. aftermarket sets, I'll dig out the article)


Basically mine was firing at ~350fps and still pumping out ~25rps (with a 9.6v)

That was a year ago. I took it apart to downgrade it slightly the other day and there is no signs of wear on anything.


So if you read any part of this post ==> Its a good gearbox! :D


Wings :detective2:

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I originally thought of trying to make a halo battle rifle but then just got carried away. If I wanted to make a battle rifle would def use the type 97.

This has classic army ver 2 gears, extreme fire mosfet, madbull black python II 509mm, day laser, G&P aimpoint scope. think it was a sp110, guarder, because the spring isn't as compressed in a ver 1. According to my chrono it's shooting 100m/s on the button with tiny variance, like .1 or .2 changes between shoots.

did the m16 mag mod to.

Is it just mine or does the ver 1 make a real racket? feels as if the piston is really wacking the front of the gb, has anyone dampened theres?




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Anyone put one of these on the famas instead of the standard G36c top rail?

Or would it fit?




I know people have done it and the eye relief is terrible. You'd be best off buying a C rail and adding your own optic.


While I'm in this post, I'm going to be buying a Marui FAMAS very soon. If anyone owns both versions, which one do you think is better worth the $230 price tag, purely externally. I am leaning toward the F1 personally, because I used to have an SV springer and I think I want to switch it up, however if someone thinks the SV is better, I might just get it. Thanks broskis :P

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Do you use a bipod on any other guns? Or do you find yourself prone defending much.


Personally I prefer my SV (just because I like the big hand guard) but the best thing to do is ask yourself if you want dedicated sling points or a bipod?


Oh and remember some people have attached slings to the front part of the carrying handle so just because you don't have sling points doesn't mean you can't have a sling! (and there's always 1 point slings anyway)


Apart from the big obvious differences (sling points/bipod, hand guard, Outer barrel, the weird lip at the front of the fore-grip, etc) they are absolutely the same finish wise so you'd be better off picking for, either, what is more practical, or what you personally prefer. Both are nice and you shouldn't be disappointed by your choice.



Wings :detective2:

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I am one of the Famas users and I really like it!!!

So, as I was reading this thread, I came across pictures of Famas with M203 от rails. And it just occured to me to do the same )))


All I need is a closer look at the rails attached to the handguard. Just to make it clear. Would anyone post them?



PS. I have modified the MAG mid-caps to fit into my Famas without making any changes to magwell. They fit OK!!! As though they were meant for it )))


I'll post some pics when I get some time to make photos of my Famas. Thanks.

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Well, here is my TM Fa-Mas F1!!


post-58978-1254324459_thumb.jpg post-58978-1254324521_thumb.jpgpost-58978-1254324538_thumb.jpg




GB - stock


Inner barrel - Systema 6.04 Tight Barrel for G3 (469 mm)




Red Dot - Aimpoint M68/CCO (replica)


5 MAG Mid-caps modified for Fa-mas (3 more are waiting for their turn). 











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