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FAMAS Picture Thread

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Finished Project on TM FA-MAS, the


"Draco volaticus terrena"


Dragonhead was buyed long ago for Decoration, then used as Flashhider and repainted.

It´s mounted on a Silencer Adapter for FA-MAS ASGs.


Then i molded some Horns from it and a another Decoration Dragon, casted them and mounted the ones on the Upper Receiver with Polyester Resin, the Handguard Horns are screwed on.


Also it has a Madbull V2 Precision Barrel, wich is ending exactly at the Teath from the Dragonhead.

Not needed to cut it, the Barrel is 509mm long.


Paintjob is a Mix out of Black and Sand, needed about 5 Hours total.


The G36c Rail Modifikation was done long ago and modified a little too, also removed the Sights.


The whole ASG is in perfect Balance and the GB is tuned.


Estimatet Value: about 500EUR (includes Working Time and Materials too)









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Once the Famas has been cut/modded to take M4 / M16 mags, can it still take Famas mags?



I'm not quite sure...

But you don't need to cut the Fa-MAS. You can adapt de M4 mag's instead!

This way it will continue to accept it's proprietary mags, and the altered mags continue to be usable in an AR-15 design.

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Im new to ArniesAirsoft :)

Here is my one and only replica (so far) =>TM famas SV

(click on the pictures for a larger picture)


DSCN2431.jpg DSCN2434.jpg DSCN2437.jpg



Btw: I would like to have a G36 Rail on my famas just like the pic below..

Where can i find a tutorial to do this? + how hard is it to do this?

(I've read the whole topic, and saw a alot of nice costum builds, but never a real tutorial)






G-rar ;)

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