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FAMAS Picture Thread

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I will see what I can do about the picture.


The short barrel is just the silencer adaptor with a P90 flash hider. If I get to feeling industrious this summer, I want to build my own that would go direct to threading, so even shorter. We shall see.


Hah, I do like it, though the AUG has lately been stealing me away...

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In keeping with my tradition of posting up my projects before they are actually finished - I present my custom FAMAS too. Once finished it will be the third and final installment in my Resi-Evil fan-fiction 'trilogy' of weapons - along with my 15" Deagle and shorty SPAS 12 with added real-steel stock. Looking forward to finishing all 3 of them and posting a 'family' pic :D


The crazy looking bright blue C-More is merely a proof of concept and standing in for a black one. The 9mm conversion is based upon the use of Star Uzi midcaps. Silencer is from an ICS MP5 SD6. Thinking of locating from flip-up iron sights in the recess behind the C-More sight.

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