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FAMAS Picture Thread

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wrap it in sniper tape and then paint that then when your laws are removed (every hopefull :D) you can just peel the tape off and no damage to the gun.

yep, that's the next thing to do :D, our law only will get worse :( but as long is not forbiden, im cool with the orange stock.


but i will make a dust paint job just like the game "spec ops : the line" and use on of the patch's from MOH :)



btw dude, where i can get some mid's for FA-MAS in EU? or i have to do the mod on M4 mag's :/

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Did some work to my TM F1.  Gearbox has not been modified so it still has the TM pixie dust. It now has a shortened Prometheus tight bore barrel,  Prometheus hop up bucking, and it has been outfitted to mount a RG 108. Trying to figure out the best way to mount a flash light...best idea I can think of is a carry handle rail, with an off set rail connected to that. I'd have to give up the iron sights though, which I like on this gun :(


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