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D-Boys SPR MOD 0 review

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Thought before i sell it i should make a review on my awesome D-Boys SPR Mod 0 rifle :D


sorry in advance of poor pic quality.


Heres a quick pic i pulled off the net:









Ok now for first impressions. Well when i got it i was amazed at the weight of it over 6kg, and with the large battery/scope/mag it was very heavy indeed.






Fires very accurate using .20 and is around 380 fps when i first got it, since them i think its around 350 as i used it alot. Its a good AEG 'sniper' in both single and auto shot ;) its not like the real bolt action thing but i like it as if im under alot of fire i can flick it to auto and spray.


The 140 round vietnam mag is fully metal and winding, when the bi pod is down the gu ncan rest perfect but when im using my 110 round normal M16 mag i have to adjust the bipod as on the lower setting the gun falls over due to mag length.






Will post some pics of how it shoots later :)

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