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MGW Airsoft - A dissapointing experience.

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Hi Guys,


I wanted to share my experience of dealing with MGW Airsoft. As you may remember there was quiet an aggressive Marketing campaign put out in May/June of this year.


The company offered, a variety of custom made rifles. One such rifle which was heavily advertised was the Springfield M1903 Rifle series.


As a skirmisher involved in the WW2 Airsoft scene, i jumped at the chance of getting my hands on this historic rifle. 2 weeks after seeing the initial press release, i handed over $560 cash, up front (condition of sale), for the M1903A4 variant of the Rifle.


I was very impressed with the service. Receiving confirmation of my order, with a unique serial number attached which related to my rifle. For the first 3 weeks of the build i received numerous replies to my emails, as i asked questions and requested photograph updates (something that was sold as part of the service).


Unfortunately during week 3 of the build process, all Communication ceased. At this point i was still waiting for my first photograph update to be sent to me.


I allowed a few days to pass, and i sent another email. 1 more week passed with no reply. I posted up a comment on the ww2aa forums (US based ww2 Airsoft forum) asking if anyone else was having issues getting hold of the owner. I was well aware that the owner of MGW was a well respected member of the forum.


So comments were posted saying I’m sure everything’s fine, just give him time.



It was 1 week later (build week 5) that i received a reply from MGW. It stated that they had, had some issues with suppliers, and they were now looking at an alternative supplier for the required parts. As a good will he sent me a photograph of an empty unfinished stock. With 3 weeks left of the stated 2 month build time, it concerned me and the lack of progress.


I thanked him for the email, and started to make the necessary arrangements for having this shipped to me (sending UKARA information for external box).


Now fast forward 2 weeks....Judgement day was close. I looked forward to receiving the email containing tracking information for the shipped rifle. I had teased my Airsoft team with the photograph and everyone was looking forward to seeing the finished product.


Again i sent an email, asking if everything was on track, and that he be sure to add the UKARA details to aid UK Customs, in a swift clearance.


Judgement day came and went with no news.


[edit - added content missed in initial Copy, paste]


I posted another comment on the ww2aa forum, asking if anyone had heard from MGW. I was aware that I number of rifles had been ordered. As i knew he checked the forum, i asked him to email me with an ETA for arrival.


It was not until week 9 that I received a reply to my comment, from MGW. That due to a build over sight, there would be a 1 week delay on shipping. Safety catches were missed from the build.


That was on the 25th August. It’s now the 18th September, and I still don’t have a confirmed shipping date.


MGW seem to have no regard for its customers. I have so far had no communication from them since the 8th September; my rifle is still missing its bolt, safety catch and a barrel, 2 more issues than i was previously told about.


I’m really disappointed that i have to continue to chase for updates, with no reply. MGW seem to unaware of the frustration this is causing, its customers. Im not the only one that come forward and voiced concerns.


They are over there quoted build time by almost 4 weeks. I can see this dragging on another month.


I’m now considering cutting my loses and getting Pay pal involved to recover the payment.




So in conclusion...a extremely poor service. I would advise future customers, to only offer a deposit for the rifle, with the rest on shipping. Whilst I understand problems do come up. Reassuring customers with frequent update’s, should be a priority.


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Thought I'd give you a update. Well we're now 2 weeks on from my post. I've still not received the item, or had an update/ explaination. More & more people are becoming angry at the way he's treated his customers.


He now has over $6000 of orders still waiting to be sent. His membership to the ww2airsoft forum is now under review.

After being an active member for some years.


Use MGW airsoft (mouro's gun workshop) at your own risk.

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