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Here it is, ordered from gunnerairsoft about a week ago, and I just got it a few days ago.




At $53 USD, this thing may seem a bit pricey compared to other red dots on the market like the G&P aimpoint, but it makes up for it with its uniqueness in shape as well as with its dual rds and laser function. First off, the whole unit is built from metal and feels both hefty and sturdy. The paint seems like it’ll hold up fine and won’t be prone to chipping.


However, there is one big problem with the unit, which may or may not be present on others depending on the QC of the unit. The picture below shows two problems. First, the scope isn’t actually centered in the unit and you can actually see a bit of its insides. There is a sheet of glass in front of the scope though, so there won’t be any problems with dirt or water getting in through the gap. It also doesn’t seem to affect the picture or function of the scope, so it’s more of a cosmetic problem.




The second problem is the spring that is visibly pressing against the laser unit. Not only does it seem like an eyesore, but because there is no glass cover on this part, that spring could possibly fall out and ruin the windage and elevation adjustments. The spring also came misaligned so that it didn’t provide enough elevation, which was quickly fixed by carefully pushing it under the laser more. Overall, these were the two biggest problems for me, but for those who aren’t perfectionists, it’ll all work out as these problems don’t really affect the function of the unit (unless that spring falls out).


Now onto the red dot.




Notice how the unit doesn’t sit flush with the G36 carry handle, and that the switch for the laser is on the left (requires 3 lr44 batteries)

The dot is nice and round as well as clear and bright. It holds up well in bright environments and is visible even when aiming at the sky. However, there are no intensity adjustments for the dot, and although the dot also works fine in dark environments, some glare from the dot may be visible. The field of view is slightly smaller than that of an aimpoint, but still works fine.


Shooting with the dot works beautifully just like any other rds, and the parallax on the dot when looking from at it from different angles is minimal, as shown in the pictures below.







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Here is a picture of the windage and elevation adjustment slots (adjusted using an allen key)




And here is a picture of the on off switch for the dot, along with the windage and elevation adjustments for the laser, which are unmarked and use a smaller allen key. Notice how the unit is attached to the rail with a large screw similar to those used on eotechs.




Overall, the unit works beautifully, albeit with some cosmetic flaws. I’d say that it was worth the money, especially since the unit doesn’t have to be used on the G36 carry handle and can be attached onto anything with a rail, as seen in the beauty shots below.












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