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Feedback is very important to us - not only do we want to know when things have gone well, but we also want to know when things don't.


Please let us know your thoughts below (only constructive ones please ;) )





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recieved my bdu set, and WOW these are AMAZING!!!! the build quality on them is flawless, the genius of pocket layout is superb, to the extent, for a short game, you dont need webbing! even the finishing touches like the 9mm mag pouches on the arm, the uber strong wear patches, i'm gobsmacked!


Buy a set of these, and you wont go back to the cheap stuff! Its shocking to see how good these are, compared to the tat I used to get issued... toy soldiers with better kit than our boys in Afgan... not good!


As you might have guessed, one seriously happy chappy! Balf is a top bloke, possibly one of the best retaillers I have ever delt with, friendly, very informative, and professional, from start to finish. I'll definatly be back, though not too soon, these bdu's are so well made, I dont see them wearing out for a fair few years!..... but there is some verrrry nice accessories he has for sale.... oh my poor bank balance!

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Both the Stalker TDU trousers and service from Baseline Supplies are excellent.


What more can I say! I have 2 pairs of the trousers now. I ordered a pair in Olive Drab to treat myself to some quality trousers that would go with everything I have (MARPAT, M84, M82, DPM, Flecktarn etc..). But I mostly wear MARPAT when airsofting and was so pleased with the Olive Drab trousers I decided I really needed the MARPAT too as it's my main camo :)


They are great. The integrated knee pads have solved the problems I have with knee pad straps digging in to the back of my legs. The pocket placement is great and the quality/colour spot on. Yes they're pricey, but when you work out how much a pair of Propper/Tru Specs can cost, then add in the cost of a good set of knee pads (especially if like me you've bought several sets to try and find comfy ones!!!) you're on to a winner!


Baseline (Ian) responded to all my emails about sizing and availability very quickly and the trousers arrived the day after placing the order each time. Very helpful shop and very good service!


The only issue I have is that I just spotted the SOCOM and it looks really good :rolleyes: Maybe Santa will get me a set!



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After exchanging a few emails with Ian (more than helpful and very prompt), I took the plunge and ordered the SOCOM Stalker Trousers. I keep wanting to call them Stalker Pants, but it sounds a bit too Sutcliffe. Excellent service in terms of delivery and keeping me informed at every stage of the transaction. The trousers arrived the day after Ian sent them, by recorded delivery (which effectively insulated them from CWU strike action).


I ordered medium (31-35"). I normally go for medium in BDUs, but have found lately that my increasing girth is causing me to at least try the next size up (which then turns out to be far too big). The Stalkers Trousers come up a bit larger, so they fit great. In terms of leg length, the label says they have a 32.5" inseam – which is perfect for me. As mentioned elsewhere however, they also have snow gaiters, which effectively lengthen the legs a good 4" if required. In terms of cut, the trousers are quite roomy – but not so much that they flap about everywhere. It's a good roomy. I suspect that anyone who normally has thigh issues with BDUs would like these trousers.


The quality of the trousers and the attention to detail is great. The stitching is neat and there are bar tacks where you'd expect. The fabric is 35/65 poly/cotton rip stop which is breathable and nice and light - which suits me as I prefer to layer in winter. Having said that the fabric is light, the trousers overall are quite heavy, due, I guess, to the nylon wear patches and integral knee pads. I was very happy to find that the SOCOM colourway is still shipping with contrasting nylon patches, as I prefer this look to the same-coloured alternative.


I haven't owned trousers with integral knee pads before and they are rather cool. One of the big draws of these trousers was not having to contend with the failings of external knee pads and the eternal struggle to find a set that don't slip down or around and didn't dig in behind the knee. With the Stalker Trousers, when not kneeling, it feels like the pads are too low down the leg to be of any use. It's an odd feeling and I'll need to get used to it. Kneel down, however, and the give taken out of the knees slides the pads onto the sweet spot, perfectly - it's like they are self adjusting. I doubt I'll need to use the strap which secures the pads at the back of the knee, but there is that option.


Pockets are good - the side ones kind of stow when not in use and the hip pockets are nice and deep, so change or keys aren't going to fall out unless you are fully inverted (we've all been there). There are the usual D-rings for keys, in any case.


As for the SOCOM pattern...it's very very nice. I don't think the promo pics do it justice.


The only negative (and for the price, this isn't a biggee) is that unlike Crye's offerings, the knees and hips aren't 'body fit' pre-bent.


Now I'm going to find it really difficult not buying a second pair...



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