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Element IR VIP Strobe Light

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Element IR VIP Strobe Review




I ordered it from Ebaybanned for just under £13 or $20, took about 20 days to delivered.


As I do not have a real deal to compare I’ll just review it as a product in it's own right.


Top marks to Element for the presentation and contents of this product, inside the box you find the light with a built in metal clip, 2 mini zip ties to secure it to a variety of surfaces, (PALs loops and the like), an instruction leaflet that’s has clearly been copied and pasted from the real manufacturer's website, so I wouldn’t take any notice of the specification printed.










What Ebaybanned did not menton howver, is that it does come with a CR123A battery to power it.




Despite the fact that it is made of plastic it is surprisingly weighty as the battery compartment has a brass internal tube and cap with a rubber O ring to keep the water out. A little bit pointless as I doubt the rest of the light is water proof, but if one of you who owns one of these wants to submerge it to try, be my guest :P


Once the battery is fitted you rotate (anti or clock wise) the bezel to turn on. The bezel has 4 positions with marks. Each position functions as follows:


12 o’clock for off

3 o’clock and the 2 IR LED will flash

6 o’clock and the 3 LED will flash green

9 o’clock and the 3 LED will stay on




and a Video of the IR working:




Out of the box, the bezel was really sticky to turn but a drop of silicone oil soon sorted that out.


Not sure how robust or reliable the light will be in the long term, just have to wait and see.


The light is quite well made but a bit pricey for what it is, but a bargain when compared to the real thing and it finishes of most kits off nicely. I've hit mine with krylon, and looks great to add details to any impression you may be working on ^_^



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Nope, the IR isn't visible to the naked eye...


The video was taken in total darkness under my Camcorder "Night Mode" so that's pretty much how you'll see it under NVG's so you're good to go ^_^


Word of warning however, it isn't that bright in IR mode, so don't be expecting to sport your mates from a fair distance

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Received mine a few weeks ago and yeah everything fine good item and well packed, looks like element might

be getting it rite and getting there quality up by the sounds of things.



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One major flaw: seems that the circuit works even if on the "off" positions. After some weeks of no-use, my battery was down. Other people report the same..... So, take out the battery after use.

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No prob, I'll do it later when it get's a bit darker here in the UK, don't think filming it in broad daylight will do it any justice


And Spiggy, thank you for confirming that, I always had my suspicions it done that, the same as alot of other chinese circuitry, like the Com-Tac's and stuff which seem to drain when "off", which is why I always take the battery out, or just turn it round when I'm not using it ;)

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