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Tokyo Marui l96 AWS

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@ ahadsz


Ok, keep in mind that i speak only for myself . At 154m/s and the mentioned setup, my rifle shoot perfect with SGM.29 and also good enough with Devil Blaster .30. Using Blaster .40 the trajectory is amazing but i loose some range, although the bb's are not so easy stooped by the leaves, small branches, etc, nor the wind affects them so easy.




You cannot use the pdi springs (130 or 140) with the stock cilinder/piston. If there are other springs that are designed for the stock setup, i am highly curios to know abot them. Meaning they have to be ~11mm exterior, ~9mm interior and ~200mm long...



edit: the pdi springs are 13mm / 11mm / 200mm



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With the mentioned setup, my rifle was chronoed at 154m/s constant. Part of the incredible air seal of that particular chamber, part of the 6.01 pdi barrel.

But could the internals hold up to the 500 FPS spring?


Here's another example. Stock VSR-10's can hold up to an M120 spring, giving somewhere near 400 FPS. If the L96 could hold up the same rated spring, but add 100 FPS, it would theoretically hold up as well as the stock VSR-10, and still give somewhere around 500 FPS.


Another question, is there any company that makes springs that will fit the stock spring guide/piston? I know Laylax makes a spring for the L96, but it's like one spring and it's like an M90.

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my opinion is that the stock piston will not be able to hold a powerful spring more than few shots...but i have 2 stock AWS pistons so i might try it. I have received an 150-160m/s spring that might actually work in the stock setup. Also, the rest of the internals (assuming you will put a 2nd sear inside) will hold the power with no problems at all.

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