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Guarder M4 rubber stock pad

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Right, it's not really a review, as it's just a shaped piece of rubber. And the last time i reviewed a shaped piece of rubber, the girl i was with gave me some quite funny looks. Anyhoo, the Guarder rubber M4 stock/shoulder pad really is an awesome idea if you have a retractable stocked M4, and you're not into the magpul thing. Here's why:


1 - It weighs about 300g, and helps the balance out a fairly noticeable amount

2 - It's much comfier to shove into your shoulder, allowing you to lock the rifle in tighter without crushing your bones.

3 - It doesn't slip. At all. And it fits on the M4 stock very firmly without any play (the old style sliding one - dunno if it fits the LE, but it's quite stretchy).

4 - It looks cool.


It's £16.50 from Zero One i believe - I got one today, and i'm surprised such a simple piece of rubber can improve a rifle that much. It's not going to turn your M4 into an ubergun, but it'll help a bit with the accuracy and make it a little nicer to use, which is well worth the money.

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