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Problems with BTInternet

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Haven\'t been able to get on Arnies all night.

Cazboab is having the same problem.


I managed to get here using a proxy server but the only thing we can think of is that BTInternet has blocked access to Arniesairsoft.co.uk


I know there\'s nothing anybody here can do but I thought it might be worth mentioning.

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Seems that Mumbai Telecom took the hint and got it fixed.


I feel like phoning them back just to say "See? I told you it wasn't my firewall or AV software or any of that other sh*t you tried to blame it on this morning!" but they obviously wouldn't be able to reply because it isn't on their script. :rolleyes:

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BT, for such a major player are total gash. I ended up switching after they blocked my torrents and then stopped me from getting on rapidshare, then lied about it, the *Ubarflock*. Luckily I got out the contract after they stopped our internet cause we were using a home account (for our home) even though our home was also registed as a business, so I went with a slightly more expensive, smaller ISP with no problems.


Sorry for the rant but bt really are *suitcasey*.

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For me, the main attraction of BT was the reliability of service.

In 3 years of use I've had one day of no service.

By contrast, my sister in law uses Tiscali and their service is usually down at least once an hour for a couple of minutes.


Funny thing, I used to have a Tiscali dial-up account and the main reason I cancelled it when I moved to cable was because of all the stories about how bad the Tiscali customer services were.

Somehow I suspect they couldn't be worse than BT now are.


Must admit, I'm usually either seeding or leeching something and I've never had any problems about it from BT.

In a good month I've downloaded more than 50gb. All perfectly legal stuff, of course.

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Actually Tiscali customer service is terrible! Much, much, much worse than BT who can be ###### but at least the call centre staff are polite and generally do try to help. In contrast my girlfriend has had nothing but grief trying to talk to Tiscali.

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