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CYMA CM.030 Glock 18c review

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Real steel History

Selective fire variant of the Glock 17, developed at the request of the Austrian

counter-t'rist unit EKO Cobra. The Glock 18 is not available to the civilian market.

This machine pistol-class firearm has a lever-type fire-control selector switch,

installed on the left side of the slide, in the rear, serrated portion (selector

lever in the bottom position – continuous fire, top setting – single fire).

The firearm is typically used with an extended 33-round

capacity magazine. Early Glock 18s were ported to reduce muzzle rise during

automatic fire. Another compensated variant was also produced, known as

the Glock 18C. It has a keyhole opening cut into the forward portion of the slide,

not unlike the opening on the Glock long-slide models, although the G18 has a

standard-length slide. The keyhole opening provides a venting area to allow the

four, progressively-larger (from back to front) compensator cuts machined into

the barrel to accomplish their job, which is to afford more control over the rapid-firing

machine pistol. The compensator cuts, of varying widths start about halfway back on

the top. The rear two cuts are narrow, while the front two cuts are wider. The slide

is also hollowed, or dished-out in a rectangular pattern between the rear of the

ejection port and the rear sight. The pistol's rate of fire in fully automatic mode

is approx. 1100-1200 rounds/min. Most of the other characteristics are equivalent

to the Glock 17, although the slide, frame, and certain fire-control parts of the

Glock 18 are not interchangeable with other Glock models.




Ok recently I got two more glocks to add on to my old one from here. I figured I would give a review about it.



First Impressions: Alright, this gun came in a styrofoam package with the usuall battery,

charger, magazine, gun (of course) and speed loader. So far so good.

Look and Feel: The gun's externals are completely plastic save for the selector switch

which is made of some cheap metal, pot metal I believe, and the magazine which is

also made of a cheap metal. With the battery inserted and the magazine in the magwell,

the gun weighs roughly 2 lbs.




The one on the top is the new one

I just opened about 1 hour ago and the one on the bottom I have had for about 3 months.

You can obviously tell the older of the two because of the oils on your hand has

polished the plastic of the gun.


Here are two magazines I got with my old glock, removing and inserting them so

much into the magwell so much has scratched the paint



Here is how the magazine looks new:



For looking amazing (kinda biased because I like Glocks) feeling great 17/20


Build Quality:


The selector switch wears over time which really isn't a big deal.



The dissembly lever and the slide catch I'm pointing at are just for show, but they are on the

real steel Glock so +1 for realism


The safety is on the right side of the gun (from shooters prespective), right now the safety is off,



I have taken this gun to about 6 games and fired so far 2,000 rounds through it, It has yet to let me down so for reliability it is top notch.



I wish the magazine was a real size one, but given that the gun is an AEP I really can't complain. For durability and reliability 18/20





Performance: The gun with .2g Matrix BB's is less then 220 FPS because it can't

pierce any part of a can I shot at, and it can only pierce one layer of cardboard at point-blank range. The ROF with a 7.2V battery is about 7 RPS which is pretty respectable


The FPS and ROF is impressive for an AEP so 17/20


Upgrade Availability: Other then a tightbore barrel

and metal bushings you really can't upgrade this gun. HOWEVER, this gun is TM compatible so you can interchange magazines, motors, etc.


Since there is not a lot of aftermarket parts, I would give this part a low grade but since it is TM compatiable 15/20


Field Test: I took two tests. One test of 15 shots at 25 feet, and another test of 15 shots at 50 feet.


This is from 25 feet (with hop-up adjusted), I hit the target every time with less then a 5 inch spread:



This is from 50 feet (with hop-up adjusted), I hit the target 7 times with about a 8 inch spread:




You are pretty much guaranteed a body shot at 50 ft. At 75 ft you are taking your chances but at 100 ft I wish you luck.


For good accuracy with .2g BB's I will give performance 19/20



Additional Information:

The magazine holds 30 rounds with a double stacked style of BB's:



This is VERY IMPORTANT. ALWAYS, I repeat, ALWAYS push the magazine in with your thumb like this:



Pushing in the magazine with your palm will leave a gap between the magazine catch and

the magazine which will not fully put the magazine into the gun, which will cause the mag to fall out on you.


Overall grade: 86/100




Final Verdict: This gun is an awesome gun for the money and it is well worth the money. I will definitely buy more in the future and will recommend this gun to anyone who asks.




Any questions? Feel free to ask.

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Nice review, I like the cm030 also very much, but I have a warning for the large magazines from Cyma. I ordered two of the original large Cyma Mags (c.27) at RSOV and these mags are a total disaster. They can't hold even one BB, because of the lousy mechanism wich holds the BBs in place.

So use the normal mags or buy a large TM-mag, but not the cyma ones!



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I have 2 CYMA "hicap" magazines, and at the beginning they easily spurted out bb's when you struck them, but i fixed that with a piece of plastic behind the springs to tighten them, everyone who has problems try doing that!


(i took a piece of a old credit card)

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I'm really behind in my airsoft news, but all chinese factories were temporary closed due to the Chinese New Year a few months back. I believe most of the factories are back-up and running including CYMA, and I don't think they have discontinued this little guy.

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Hmm... I'd say AEPs are just as good as GBBs, just nowhere near as fun.


With this gun, does anyone else have a problem with the trigger when after roughly 30 rounds half the trigger pulls won't have any effect (not even a motor sound)? Leaving the gun for about 20 minutes fixes the problem, so I have to assume it's overheating, but this seems a bit odd.

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