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Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle 10"

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This specific pistol can be had from stores such as WGC, Redwolf, and EhobbyAsia. I do not know of any stores outside of Hong Kong carrying these. I ordered mine from EhobbyAsia, with a spare magazine and Marui Desert Eagle scope rings for $221 (total) on Thursday, October 1st. It arrived today (October 5th) through UPS.


Upon tearing off the UPS packaging, this is the box that one is greeted with.



After opening the box, you'll be greeted with the basics. Your Desert Eagle, Magazine, BB's (presumably .23 or .25), cleaning rod, manual, the "Do's and Don'ts List", and several paper targets. Manual and Do's/Don'ts list are in moonspeak. There was no Marui Lineup catalog included, which disappoints me for some reason.



While removing the Desert Eagle from the box, two things become quite evident.


1: This gun is BIG. Having owned an original Marui Desert Eagle, I knew how hefty and large these are, and this is basically the same thing with just a few extra inches of barrel, making the gun just slightly over 14.5" long.

2: The Marui Desert Eagle is built to last. While the externals are primarily plastic, this gun is built to last. The metal skeleton ensures that the slide will take a beating, and the gun is overall pretty well built.



14.5" of .50 Action Express 6mm Delivering, Gas Blowback Glory.



16" Long with the slide locked back.



The gun is made with complete trademarks, but yours may not arrive unmolested, and the trademarks may be burned or scratched out from customs. This is a gamble you take with any Tokyo Marui product.



The beloved I.M.I. trademarks. The grip on this model is not the same as the standard TM Desert Eagle, however, and will lack the I.M.I. logo.



The hopup is located by pulling back a small piece just above the breach. The hopup can be finely tuned, and will deliver some very nice performance.



With the piece forward, the hopup is hidden.



But pull it back, and you are greeted with a very effective hopup system.



Despite the long outer barrel, the inner barrel is standard Desert Eagle length, and does not extend to the end.



Anyone who has operated a TM Desert Eagle can tell you that these puppies are very fun to shoot. On Green Gas or Propane, a TM Desert Eagle can reach roughly 330 FPS, weather according. I am playing on the safe side, and running Duster through mine, which puts it to about 250-280 depending on the weather. The hopup provides very nice adjustment, and will deliver some nice performance with the use of .2's up to .3's, all performing well with proper adjustment, and delivering excellent range.


This is the Hard Kick version, and will have about as much kick as a .22 pistol, which is more than enough for any airsoft pistol, and provides enough recoil to knock you off target if you're careless.



If you would like to customize your own TM Desert Eagle (10" or Standard), you aren't left with a huge amount of options. Metal slides, body kits, and internal parts are around though, and just require a little bit of searching. TM brand scope rings can be had for the Desert Eagle, and there are some pistol scopes out there that look quite nice. I personally bought the TM scope rings, and am waiting for my NCStar Pistolero scope to arrive. Spare magazines can also be had.



Pistol, spare magazine, and scope rings.


To holster such a weapon, you're going to need something along the lines of a Tornado Holster, or any Desert Eagle specific holster. Some other holsters may work, with or without modding.



Why choose the 10" over the Standard? In all honesty, there really is no reason. In fact, the 10" is just a longer version, with the same inner barrel. I chose mine, as I'm building the Desert Eagle used by Meryl in MGS4, and for no other reason. It's user-preference, simple as that.


All in all, I'm very happy with my purchase. In the end, it is just the same as a TM Desert Eagle, so upgrading it should pose no problem to anyone with experience.


For anyone hoping to pick one of these up, I hope this helps out a bit!

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If they make longer inner barrels, I see no reason why you couldn't throw one on. Likewise, with enough work, you could probably turn the outer barrel into a suppressor-looking device. I do think it might be possible to turn it into a working one, but I'm not going to say yes or no, nor will I say how.


Edit: After playing with the gun enough, I can safely say that the newer grip design is better. While it does lack that nice IMI logo, it really does help you gt a firm grip on the gun, which is pretty important on a gun like this.

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Is the rubber the same style as their other GBBs?

IF so, then it is easy enough to get a VSR10 barrel and trim as needed... surely?


Regarding that barrel length (OEM) I suspect that TM have left it as normal to avoid the power pushing past the .98J mark.

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Is the rubber the same style as their other GBBs?

IF so, then it is easy enough to get a VSR10 barrel and trim as needed... surely?


Regarding that barrel length (OEM) I suspect that TM have left it as normal to avoid the power pushing past the .98J mark.


Absolutely - My SIIS does about 350fps on green.


As Wege says, a cut down VSR barrel should work (or you could use a full length one and fit a REALLY long silencer! :o)



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chuckle at Mark's comment - I just envisaged someone fitting a 300mm KA standard silencer to it.. almost need to put a set of those RIS attached Bipods to it (or fit a grip-pod onto it for GBB-sniper-ness) :P

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